Heating and Air Conditioning Services by Greater Comfort in Petersburg, KY

Greater Comfort offers heating services in Petersburg, KY. If you need a new heating system installed in your Petersburg, KY or tri-state area home, the professionals of Greater Comforter are here for you. We offer installation services for major brands and types of heating system including new furnaces, boilers and heat pumps. We also offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services on existing heating systems.
Air Conditioning
Greater Comfort also provides air conditioning services in Petersburg, KY. A good air conditioning system is a must to keep your home cool during the heat and humidity of the summer. We offer installation, repair and maintenance services for major brands and types of air conditioner including central and ductless mini split air conditioning systems. We are available 24 hours a day to perform repairs that might happen in the middle of the night. We also offer preventive maintenance programs for existing systems and can work with you to ensure your AC system works as intended for years to come.

Call the experts of Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about our heating services and air conditioning services in the tri-state area.

Commercial HVAC
If you own or operate a business in the tri-state area and are interested in having a heating or air conditioning system or component installed, call Greater Comfort. We offer a range of commercial HVAC services in Petersburg, KY and have many years of experience working on such systems.
Design Build HVAC Contracting
Design and build work on HVAC systems is highly complex. It requires the expertise of a professional to determine the exact nature and style of installation needed. We offer design build services in Petersburg, KY for ductwork as well as new heating or air conditioning systems in homes and businesses.
Ductless Mini Splits
If your home in Petersburg, KY does not have room for air conditioning or heating systems that use ductwork, Greater Comfort offers ductless mini split air conditioning and heating installation services. We also offer maintenance and repair services on existing ductless mini split systems.
Heat Pumps
A heat pump is a good solution for any homeowner that does not have room for both the heating system and air conditioner. We offer heat pump installation for homes throughout the tri-state area as well as maintenance and repair services for any homeowners that already have a heat pump installed.