Heating and Air Conditioning Services by Greater Comfort in Owensville, OH

Greater Comfort offers high quality heating services in Owensville, OH. If the time has come to have a new heating system installed in your home, there are many factors to consider. To start, you want to ensure that your new heating system is properly sized to your specific heating needs. Our friendly technicians can help you pick out the right unit and install it for you. We also offer preventive maintenance plans and are available 24 hours a day for emergency service if an issue develops when you least expect it.
Air Conditioning
Air conditioning is incredibly important during the hot and humid summer months here in Northern Kentucky, southwest Ohio and southeastern Indiana. Greater Comfort offers comprehensive air conditioning services in Owensville, OH. Our services include installation new air conditioning systems, including ductless mini split air conditioners for those homes without room for ductwork. We also offer maintenance plans and are available 24 hours a day for repairs.

Call the experts of Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn about the heating services and air conditioning services that we offer in Owensville, OH and in the tri-state area.

Commercial HVAC
Greater Comfort offers comprehensive commercial HVAC services in Owensville, OH and the tri-state area. Our technicians are trained to provide installation, maintenance and repair services for most types and brands of heating and AC systems. This includes installation of building automation systems, rooftop package units, cooling towers, chilled water systems and much more.
Design Build HVAC Contracting
When the time comes to have a brand new HVAC system installed in your building or home, we offer full design build services, including custom building and installation of ductwork, sizing and installation of new heating or air conditioning system, and much more.
Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning
Ductless mini split air conditioning is a good fit for any home that does not have room for ductwork. We offer installation of such systems and ongoing maintenance. We also provide repair services in Owensville, OH if issues should develop with your existing ductless mini split system.
Heat Pumps
A heat pump provides both heating and cooling throughout the year at high efficiency levels, so if you're considering having one installed, call Greater Comfort today. We can discuss with you all of your heat pump options and help you select a model that matches those needs.