Heating, Indoor Air Quality Services and Air Conditioning in Edgewood, KY from Greater Comfort

For over 25 years, Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning has been a trusted provider of Edgewood, KY HVAC installation, maintenance and repair services. We offer top quality products from manufacturers like York and Mitsubishi and we provide expert service for business and home owners in the tri-state area.

Air Conditioning in Edgewood, KY

You want an air conditioning system in Edgewood, KY that you can rely on to keep you cool during the hottest stretches of July and August. We carry and install quality models from York and Mitsubishi to match your needs. Whether you need a new central system with a higher SEER rating or you are interested in having a ductless mini split system to replace your window units, we can install them for you. We also offer expert repair services and can provide you with annual maintenance with one of our service agreements.

Heating in Edgewood, KY

Starting in November and lasting until March or April, the Edgewood, KY heating season puts considerable stress on your furnace, boiler or heat pump. You need a good system that will last through the roughest stretches of weather the tri-state experiences.

Greater Comfort installs only the highest quality furnaces, heat pumps and boilers from manufacturers like York and can keep your new system running with annual maintenance and repair services.

Indoor Air Quality in Edgewood, KY

When air quality becomes an issue, even perfectly healthy family members can suffer from allergies or asthma flare ups. So, you need a system that will remove unwanted allergens and contaminants from indoor air and keep your family comfortable. We offer a full line of air cleaners and purifiers, along with humidity control systems, and UV germicidal lights for just such situations.

Commercial HVAC in Edgewood, KY

If your building needs a new HVAC system installed, call Greater Comfort. Our technicians are trained to install and maintain every major brand of commercial HVAC system and can provide upgrades like building controls to boost efficiency. We also offer geothermal system installation and drilling as well as commercial maintenance agreements.

Energy Savings in Edgewood, KY

Your home uses a good deal of energy which, in turn, costs you a great deal of money. So if you want to reduce your consumption and start saving, call Greater Comfort today. We offer comprehensive energy audits in Edgewood, KY and upgrades for solar installations and energy recovery ventilation to save money throughout your home.

We Know the Edgewood, KY Area

While the spring and fall months offer mild temperatures, fantastic foliage and comfortable conditions, the summer and winter months in Edgewood can be extreme at times. Average temperatures dip down into the 20s in the winter and can rise to nearly 90 in the summer.

So you need an HVAC system capable of handling whatever the weather is like in either summer or winter. That is where Greater Comfort comes in.

HVAC Experts in Edgewood, KY

Whatever your HVAC needs, know that Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning is available to install or maintain your system. Call us today and learn more about what we can do for you.