UV Germicidal Lights

In addition to air cleaners and purifiers to remove larger contaminants from indoor air, you should consider installing a UV germicidal light to kill bacteria and viruses. These systems are simple and inexpensive but can have a tremendous impact on the cleanliness of your home’s air supply.

What Are UV Germicidal Lights?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a naturally occurring wavelength of light given off by the sun. In fact every day you go outside, there is UV light all around you. It can cause damage to skin if exposure is extreme and prolonged. When you get a sunburn, it is because you were exposed to too much UV light over an extended period of time.

UV germicidal lights artificially generate ultraviolet light targeting a small space in your HVAC system, that will scramble and kill germs, like bacteria and viruses. Because the light is small and concentrated, it is not dangerous to humans or pets, so they are perfectly safe to use in any home.

Installation of a UV Germicidal Lights

First, the light is installed in your ductwork system. This allows it to kill germs as they pass through the ductwork, never permitting them to reenter the air of your home. The result is a system that kills the majority of those germs before they ever leave the duct system.

With the combination of an air cleaner and purifier at your air handler to removes larger particles, you will never again need to worry about high levels of contaminants in your home’s air supply.

After installation, we recommend routine maintenance checks to ensure the system is working as intended. These checks can be done either when maintenance is performed on the rest of your air cleaning system or when your ductwork is cleaned each year.

UV Germicidal Light to Improve Indoor Air Quality

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