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Energy loss during ventilation is a common problem and a major reason that either indoor air quality or your energy bills suffer. When the temperature gets especially low and your heating system runs constantly for days at a time, it can get quite stuffy in your home. Opening a window or door is out of the question, though, and even with an active ventilation system, you will lose a lot of valuable heat.

Heat recovery ventilators are designed to transfer heat between indoor and outdoor air as ventilation occurs so that you can breathe fresh new air, without spending a fortune on your heating bill.

How Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) Works

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is a device that can save you quite a bit of money when properly installed and maintained.

Normally, when ventilating air from your home, a fan blows air out of the house and vents allow new air in to offset the pressure change. This works well when the temperature outside is mild and your HVAC system is not on. However, when it is very cold or very warm outside, your HVAC system turns on and the ventilation process removes conditioned air, replacing it with outside air, which is either too hot or too cold.

A heat recovery ventilator installed in Northern Kentucky uses a heat exchanger to retain heat in whichever environment you want it to be. In the winter, an HRV will transfer indoor air into a chamber where heat is then transferred to outdoor air. The newly heated outdoor air is vented into the house to offset the pressure difference and you have fresh air, without needing to reheat it. In the summer, the process works in reverse to keep cooling inside your home.

There are a few exceptions to the process – air–to–air heat exchangers do not work when the temperature outside is below freezing. To counter this, you can have an earth–to–air heat exchanger installed or you can supplement with a micro–heat pump to pre–warm air before it comes inside.

Installation of a Heat Recovery Ventilator

Depending on your current heating and cooling systems and the layout of your house, installation of a heat recovery ventilator is a relatively simple process. With efficiency levels available up to 99%, we will match the right system to your home and start saving you money on your energy bill.

Heat Recovery Ventilator for a Healthy Indoor Climate

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