Each summer as the temperature rises, so too does the humidity. The tri–state area becomes quite uncomfortable for weeks out of the year as humidity reaches over 70%. But, discomfort is not the only thing you have to worry about when the humidity increases. That same humidity can cause damage to your furniture and encourage mold growth in your home. To eliminate the risk of both, you need a whole house dehumidifier.

The Drawbacks of High Humidity in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati

Humidity can be quite uncomfortable and potentially damaging. Humidity can cause damage to your furniture. Excess humidity wears on wood furniture in particular and can do damage to upholstery, especially on vintage furniture that has not been treated to handle it.

Another major problem when the humidity rises is mold growth. Mold needs a moist environment to grow, and while humidity alone is not always enough, these conditions make it nearly impossible for bathrooms to properly dry. This encourages mildew and mold growth in them. The same is true for any moisture in your home – what would normally dry quickly may stick around for days or weeks in a high humidity environment.

Fixing Moisture Problems

Your air conditioner reduces humidity in your home. But if the temperature is not high enough to warrant your air conditioner being on, the last thing you want to do is to turn down the thermostat and pay more for cooling just to get rid of humidity.

That is where whole–house dehumidifiers come in. A properly installed dehumidifier in Northern KY will reduce humidity throughout your entire home whenever turned on. The device, usually installed at your air handler or in the basement, runs whenever relative humidity reaches a certain point. Some thermostats can even be connected to these systems, so you can control the humidity level from whichever room you are currently in.

Dehumidifier Installation

We install dehumidifiers and provide a full range of ongoing maintenance services. We are on-call 24/7 for emergency repairs should you ever need them.

Whole-House Dehumidifier to Improve Indoor Air Quality

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