Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers

The air quality in your home can be a major concern, especially if you do not have a system of air cleaners and purifiers to remove things like excess dust, dander and pollen before they circulate back into your house. While opening windows and doors for ventilation is an option, you can keep your indoor air clean with the right system of air quality control devices that integrate with your home heating and cooling system.

Choosing the Right Air Cleaning System

There are quite a few air cleaning systems on the market to choose from. Before selecting any one, here are a few things to consider.

  • Size of Pollutants – Air testing is highly recommended to determine which allergens and pollutants pose the greatest risk in your home. Common allergens like dust and pollen can be captured by most media filters, but smaller particles like mold spores or smoke particles cannot.
  • Whole House Options – We highly recommend whole house air cleaning and purification, installed at your air handler. This actively removes allergens and pollutants before they circulate back into your home’s air supply. For homes without air handlers, there are standalone options or single–room options available as well.
  • Multi–Stage Air Cleaning – Air cleaners and purifiers come in many forms, so it is best to decide if you want to have a single device or multiple devices that can clean air effectively.

Media Filters, Mechanical Filter and HEPA Filters

Newport air cleaners and purifiers come in both mechanical and electronic variants. Mechanical filters use a media filter made of carbon, fiberglass or another porous material to capture particles as air passes through them. The highest rated media filters (HEPA) can capture up to 99.9% of all contaminants 0.3 microns or larger.

Electronic Air Cleaners

However, some contaminants are smaller still than 0.3 microns. Things like smoke particles or bacteria and viruses can still squeeze through a filter that size. This is why electronic air cleaning is so popular. Electronic air cleaners installed in Northern KY homes and businesses will ionize the air and remove particles from the air as it passes. They do not, however, work well on larger particles, so if you have both larger allergens and smaller particles, a combination system may be a better fit for you.

HVAC Upgrades to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Quality

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