Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps: Your Greater Cincinnati Contractor & Service Expert

We recommend you use parts that have been built to increase or preserve efficiency with your system. That’s why we offer the best ductless heat pump technology that allows you to have steady heat so you can have comfort without compromise.

The highest energy efficiency ratings in the Mitsubishi line up of ductless mini split heat pumps can reach 10.6 HSPF and 26 SEER – significantly higher than most central air heat pumps. Additionally, heating capacity is almost always higher for heating than for cooling so if you want the highest range of efficiency but have a larger home, it might work for your needs.

Factors Greater Comfort will help you determine include:

  • Hyper Heating Inverter – Offered on a select number of models, Mitsubishi’s H2i technology makes it possible to extract heat from air as cold as –13 degrees F. This makes your heat pump effective in incredibly cold temperatures and all but eliminates the need for a backup heating source. Additionally, models with H2i technology offer the best efficiency ratings in Mitsubishi’s lineup.
  • Efficiency Ratings – Most Mitsubishi ductless mini split heat pumps offer an HSPF of between 8–10.6. The higher rated models also have a much higher SEER for air conditioning which will keep your cooling bills much lower. Keep in mind as well that both indoor and outdoor units have their own HSPF ratings, so you should match them carefully to get the best possible efficiency.
  • Single or Multi–Zone – If you want to have multiple indoor units, you will need a multi–zone outdoor unit. Single zone units are also available, but only for smaller, one story homes that won’t need a second indoor unit.

Speak to use about selecting a Mitsubishi product that fits your heating and cooling needs.

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