Solar Repair

A photovoltaic solar panel system installed on your property can greatly reduce your energy bills and make your home more environmentally friendly. However, there are times when your solar system may need repairs. Sometimes a panel gets damaged or the electrical system has an issue that needs to be fixed right away to avoid further damage or interruption to your home’s power supply.

Possible Problems Your Solar System Can Have

There are a number of reasons you might need solar repair services. On top of regular cleaning (which can improve efficiency by 25% and should be performed every 6–12 months), there are other issues that can develop with your solar system.

Problems with Inverter

Because you are tied into the grid and because solar panels show no visible signs of operation, you should check your inverter at least once a week to make sure it is working. Often, damage can be caught and fixed immediately by checking your inverter, which will display an error message if there is a problem.

If there is an error message on your inverter, it can be either the solar system itself or the inverter. Write down the error code or message and contact one of our Newport solar repair professionals to learn what actions are needed to fix the problem.

If the inverter is not on at all, check your main switch first. If it is on and the inverter is not, you should call for repair services as either your inverter or your solar system may need repairs.

Solar System Not Producing as Much Power?

Another common problem is that the solar system is not producing as much power as it should or once did. There are a number of possible reasons for this. Again, dirty panels can greatly reduce efficiency, but so too can damage to a single panel in a grid, or an electrical failure somewhere in the system.

Remember that your solar panels are often covered by a 20+ year warranty, so if a problem does occur, the cost for repair or replacement could be covered by the manufacturer. Do not hesitate to call for repairs because the problem can worsen and cost more to fix later.

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