Energy Audits to Maximize Your Energy Efficiency

Between heating during the winter to cooling in the summer, your home or building can use up quite a bit of energy. So, when you decide it is time to take action and reduce your energy bills, you need to know what changes are easiest to make for the biggest possible impact on your bills.

How an Energy Audit Works

Energy audits are designed to provide an overview of how your home uses energy and in what ways you can reduce that consumption without incurring large costs. Our goal is to ensure you are not wasting energy or money on an inefficient HVAC system.

Blower Door Testing

One of the most useful tests we perform during an energy audit is the use of a blower door to measure air leaks in the building. We seal up the building envelope, pressurize it with a blower fan, and measure the air loss to determine where the home is leaking.

We then use infrared cameras to pinpoint the exact location of each air leak and any spots where insulation is missing. By developing a clear map of your home’s insulation and potential leaks, we can recommend with precise accuracy where you need to have upgrades made. This is much faster and more cost efficient than having your entire home reinsulated.

The Benefits of an Energy Audit: Boost Efficiency & Save Money

During our energy audit, we determine exactly where your home/building needs upgrades, and we will recommend changes that will increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.

We may also recommend some other components to supplement your heating and cooling system like an energy recovery ventilator or an upgrade for particularly old elements of your HVAC system. The best part of a home energy audit is that you can then look at a list of specific actions that will save you money and select which to perform based on your available budget.

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