Design Build HVAC Contractor

The heating and air conditioning industry is robust, offering a number of solutions for home and business owners in almost every region. However, only a select few can both design and build your HVAC system from the ground up. This special combination of services allows us to be a leading expert in all forms of heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair in the tri–state area.

If you are looking for a design build HVAC contractor call Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve worked with building owners, developers and residents in Ohio and Northern Kentucky for more than 27 years.

Design & Build Air Conditioning & Heating Services

What makes our services unique from so many others is that we can both design and build your systems from scratch as needed. Where others can work on existing systems or install packaged solutions, we can craft customized solutions that match the needs of your particular building.

We work directly with you to review all of your heating and cooling needs and then develop a plan that will match those needs as effectively as possible. This allows us to create an HVAC system that is as energy efficient as possible and that works well in conjunction with every component of your home’s electrical and ventilation system.

Custom Duct Work Design

No job is better suited for a design build HVAC contractor than custom duct work design. Starting with a full evaluation of your home or building’s heating and cooling needs and the capacity of your prospective heating and cooling systems, we will design a ductwork system that will move air between air handlers and each room of your home or building as efficiently as possible.

We can then custom fabricate ductwork that matches those specifications and install it in a way that ensures your home or commercial space will have reliable, efficient heating and cooling for years to come.

Choosing the Right Design Build HVAC Contractor

Your entire system will be designed, built and matched to work as efficiently as possible for the very specific demands you will place on it.

From measurement of the square footage in your home requiring heat, to fabrication of your ductwork, and development of a ventilation system that allows in fresh air without wasting valuable heating and cooling, our designers strive for the perfect balance of comfort and cost efficiency.

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