Make–up Air Units

Ventilation is an important component of any HVAC system, but if not properly installed, it can cause problems on its own that are detrimental to the operation of your heating and cooling systems. This can cost you money and put unnecessary stress on a number of systems.

For example, when an exhaust system removes air faster than new air is added to the building, the pressure outside the building can be higher than inside, creating negative interior pressure. This negative pressure can create suction that makes doors hard to open, exhaust fans stall in operation, and drafts to develop around doors and windows.

A make–up air system can resolve these problems and ensure efficient ventilation of your building or home when the exhaust is turned on.

Make–Up Air Unit Installation

Installation of a make–up air system starts by measuring the operation of your current exhaust system and determining how much negative pressure has developed in your home or building. These systems actively measure the pressure inside at all times to ensure the proper balance is maintained. However, they must be calibrated and matched to the total volume of air in the building and the ventilation speed.

When properly installed, these systems offer a number of very important benefits, including:

  • Conditions replacement air to match the temperature and humidity level of indoor air.
  • Cuts down on how much cold or warm air enters the building during winter and summer months when windows and doors are closed up.
  • Boosts indoor air quality by bringing in fresh air without putting unnecessary stress on your ventilation or HVAC systems.
  • Ensures your exhaust system works properly and reduces the impact that negative pressure can have on those systems.
  • Reduces total energy costs of operating your HVAC system by as much as 35%.
  • Cuts back on the need for repairs on your HVAC system due to heavy use.

We will help you set up an air system that can save you money and improve your comfort level.

Make-Up Air System Installation

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