Cooling Towers

In a commercial setting, there are often times when excess heat needs to be removed from the building. Waste heat produced as a byproduct of a chiller or other HVAC component can be vented by a cooling tower. The cooling tower uses an evaporative cooling process to remove the heat cleanly.

How Cooling Towers Work

A cooling tower works by venting waste heat from a chiller through a tower usually placed on the roof of a building and cooled by air or water. Water–cooled chillers are generally more efficient than air–cooled systems, so they are recommended in most applications. There are some situations though when an air–cooled chiller makes more sense.

Cooling towers are most commonly used in larger office buildings, hospitals and schools where large cooling systems run constantly and produce a large volume of waste heat. When paired with a chiller or condenser, a cooling tower removes heat from the building at a rate of 15,000 BTU/h per ton. This is a necessity for any space large enough to produce vast volumes of heat.

Cooling Tower Installation

Let us know if you interested in having a cooling tower installed to streamline the efficiency of your existing cooling system, or as part of a new cooling system that will increase the efficiency of your entire HVAC installation.

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