Chilled Water Systems

While the majority of residential buildings and small commercial buildings use traditional air–source air conditioning to cool their space, the process can be quite costly in terms of the energy needed to cool such a large area. If you are concerned about the cost of cooling your building, a chilled water system might be a better fit for your particular needs.

How Chilled Water Systems Work

In a traditional air conditioner, refrigerant is compressed by a compressor and then expanded rapidly to cool air, which is then distributed throughout your home. However, air, especially hot air, takes a lot of energy to cool. Water however can be cooled much more easily and can then be used to distribute cool air throughout building.

A chilled water system works by using a compressor to compress refrigerant, which is then distributed to a heat exchanger. That heat exchanger absorbs heat from water pipes as the refrigerant expands, and the water subsequently cools. Water is then distributed through pipes throughout your building to air handlers. These air handlers blow air over the cooled water pipes to distribute air in that space.

Because cooled water can be transferred a much greater distance without any energy loss, the process works much better for cooling a large building with a single rooftop compressor. It is more energy efficient and therefore much more affordable to install and operate.

Chilled Water Systems: Installation, Maintenance & Repair

The installation process for a new chilled water system is similar to that of a standard air conditioner. You will need to have multiple air handlers installed throughout the building to support the system, but this is relatively affordable compared to the alternative of a very large, very costly rooftop unit.

After installation, we recommend you have maintenance performed once every quarter to ensure the system is still running effectively.

Use Water, Instead of Air, To Cool a Space

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