Building Automation

Building automation systems controls allow you to centralizing control of your building’s HVAC system, creating consistent temperature control and reducing energy bills.

For more than twenty years, we've offered building control systems that can ensure your system is ready for whatever demands your building places on it. Ask us to review how installing building automation can assist you in energy savings.

How Building Automation Works

Every HVAC system has basic control systems – the digital thermostats and controls that allow you to change the temperature in any given zone of your building. However, with advanced building automation controls, you can go one step further and centralize control of your entire HVAC system.

Building automation systems can be monitored remotely by the building owner. This means you can access them through a computer’s Internet browser anywhere with a secure connection. If an alarm goes off or something goes wrong with your system, you will know immediately and can therefore take appropriate action quickly.

The Benefits of Adding Building Automation

This level of control allows you to carefully control how much heating or cooling is used in your building. While thermostats may still exist on each floor, you can override those controls and ensure the heating and cooling levels you have defined remain consistent.

In addition to reducing heating or cooling waste in your building, building automation will allow you to see a problem as soon as it occurs. By reducing the amount of time between an error and service by a contractor, you greatly reduce the risk of further damage and can decrease the cost of repairs.

Building Automation Installation

Not all building control systems offer building automation, so it is important to discuss with your contractor in advance what level of control you want for your HVAC system. If direct digital control is sufficient for your sized building, you will still need professional assistance for installation.

These systems control the movement of water, steam or air through a number of dampers and valves and therefore must be carefully calibrated during installation to ensure they meet the specific needs of your building’s HVAC system.

If you own a commercial space in the tri–state area or in Northern Kentucky, building automation systems may be worth serious consideration for your business.

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