Air Rotation Systems

Your business or home's heating and cooling system conditions the air, and then circulates it throughout the building to ensure you have ample, affordable indoor air. By itself, a forced air system may not effectively move air throughout a room. Air rotation systems offer an alternative to move air more efficiently, also ensuring there are not hot or cold pockets in your home or business.

How Air Rotation Systems Work

Installed as part of your air handler or as a supplement to your ductwork, air rotation works by moving air throughout your home evenly so that the air reaches the spaces it needs to be and does not dissipate too quickly. In residential settings, this means you will use slightly less heating and cooling when your HVAC system is on, and your system will not need to work nearly as hard, reducing wear and tear on the system over time.

In commercial settings, an air rotation system has many additional benefits. It allows a single space to be cooled or heated by one HVAC system, instead of many individual units. Because an air rotation system moves all of the air in a building, it not only circulates heated or cooled air from your HVAC system, it also moves air from ambient temperature sources. So, if you have a piece of machinery or an appliance, such as an oven producing large amounts of heat, that air will be circulated throughout the house and then conditioned by your HVAC system.

The result is comfort in every room, not just those being affected by the heat source. This technology is affordable to install and very effective in maintaining the right temperature for longer, with less energy consumed.

Installing an Air Rotation System

Installation of an air rotation system can be done relatively quickly in a residential setting, usually added as part of your air handler or ductwork and tested in a single day. For larger commercial settings, installation will depend on the size of the building/warehouse and the number of changes being made to your existing HVAC system.

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