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are you using your thermostat the right way

Are You Using Your Thermostat the Right Way?

It wasn’t always as easy as it is today to regulate the temperature within our homes!

Although the first thermostat was invented in 1886, most people didn’t have one until much later. In the beginning of the 20th century, most homes were equipped with manual furnaces.

This meant that each morning, you had to truck down to the basement (where the furnace was typically located) and stoke coal, adjust valves, and situate dampers (1, 2).

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Say Hello to These New Smart Home Products

trend watch smart home gadgets

We know you’re well versed in the world of thermostats by now, but there are a few smart home products that you probably don’t know about. Technology is constantly evolving, and so are its benefits for your home. Check out these hot and new gadgets that can help make your life a little easier, and your home a little smarter.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Ever forget your garage door opener at home? Or can’t seem to find it while digging through your center console and driving? Chamberlain offers a MyQ garage door opener system that connects directly to your smart phone. You simply tap your device, and you can open or close your garage door from anywhere (1).

If you’re wondering if your system will connect, MyQ can operate with virtually all the main brands of garage door openers manufactured after 1993 (1).

Touchscreen Electronic Smart Lock

Safety is often the number one priority in any home; thus, it’s important to remember to always lock your doors. However, it can sometimes become a hassle if you forget your key, or even unsafe if you have to leave the front door unlocked for a family member coming home later without a key.

Kwikset has developed an electronic deadbolt, called the SmartCode 916. Unlike other locks, the SmartCode 916 is small in size and less noticeable (1). The system operates with electronic access codes; you can assign friends and family permanent codes, while you can give temporary codes to guests that only work for specific time periods (1, 2).

It Bed by Sleep Number

Sleep Number beds have been on the market for years, but they’ve just recently developed a new bed called It. In addition to having adjustable firmness like all Sleep Number beds, the It Bed connects to your smartphone to help you sleep better.

It connects to an app on your smartphone called SleepIQ, which allows you to control your comfort, track your sleep, and improve your sleep by monitoring your heart rate, breathing rate, times of restlessness, and more (3).

Smart Changing Pad

Parents with little ones are always checking to ensure their child’s health is at its best. With Hatch Baby’s new Smart Changing Pad, parents can easily track their infant’s health metrics right from home.

It serves as a regular changing pad, but also has a built-in, wireless smart scale which helps keep tabs on the baby’s weight, diaper changes, food intake, and more. All of this information is tracked through an app accompanied to the pad, which can be shared with a pediatrician (4).

Family Hub Refrigerator

Being at the grocery store and not being able to remember whether or not you have eggs at home in the refrigerator—an all too familiar experience for almost everyone.

What if you could have your refrigerator send you pictures of its inside at any moment? Well, you can. Samsung has created a new Family Hub Refrigerator that allows you to order groceries, listen to music, watch television, leave notes for family members, and even view each other’s schedules through a touchscreen (1).

Voice Control Smart Home Hub

One of the more popular smart gadgets that has emerged in the past few years is called Google Home.

Google Home can control other smart home devices, stream music, and perhaps most impressive, can respond to voice commands (1). Don’t feel like setting your alarm for the morning? Tell Google Home to do it. It can even detect different voices in your home, which offers you a more personalized experience (5).

The HapiFork

Are you always the first one to finish at the dinner table? Eating too quickly can actually make you gain weight. Because it takes your body about 20 minutes to send signals of fullness to your brain, you might not feel full if you’re eating too fast (6).

The HapiFork is a Bluetooth-enabled utensil that can sense when you’re eating too quickly, and will vibrate when this happens. It might sound silly for some, but it offers a solution to a serious problem for others (4).

Want a “Smart Home”? Call Us to Learn About Your Thermostat Options

Would you use any of these innovative new products? Let us know! Call the experts at Greater Comfort today to ensure that your thermostat is making your home smarter by working as efficiently as possible: 859-491-4915.


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Thermostat Issue? Here’s What to Know

cincinnati ohio heating and cooling company

Our thermostats not only check the temperature, but they also serve to make sure the actual desired temperature is maintained in our home. We depend on our thermostat to detect the temperature – and then match the desired temperature we want in our home!

That means our thermostat plays an integral part in our family’s comfort in the home.

When our thermostats are operating as it should, all is well. But when they start acting weird and not operating properly, there are a couple of steps you can take to get to the root of the problem. Once your thermostat is working accurately again, you can have peace of mind and your family can go back to having ultimate comfort.

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Common Heat Pump Problems Solved

Heat Pump ProblemsDuring cold weather service technicians are often called for common heat pump problems like this one. When it’s really cold outside your heat pump may not be able to heat the house to the temperature you have set on your thermostat.

Your Heat Pump Can’t Reach Desired Temperature

If you set your thermostat to 72 degrees this winter you may find your house only reaches 69 to 70 degrees. This heat pump problem is very common and generates many service calls. Sometimes there are real heat pump problems occurring but many times it is because of severely cold weather conditions.

Why Your Heat Pump Isn’t Producing Enough Heat

When temperatures outside get below 35 degrees, your heat pump will lose efficiency and cannot keep up with heat loss that naturally occurs in your home. When the temperature in your house falls 2-3 degrees below the set temperature, supplemental heat comes on to assist the heat pump. Unfortunately before the temperature reaches the set temperature, the backup heat cycles off and the heat pump runs on its own. The problem is, that the heat pump still cannot reach the desired temperature. This usually happens when it’s the coldest outside and you need the heat the most.

What You Can Do

Heat pumps that are operating correctly are very efficient. They are designed to work the way they do. You can remedy this situation without heater repairs by adjusting your thermostat a few degrees higher than you want it to be. This will help your house stay at a comfortable temperature during cold days.

Heat Pump Problems On Warm Days

If you notice this problem on warmer days (over 35 degrees) then you may have another problem all together.  Heat pump repairs may be needed.  Here are a few possible problems that might be occurring:

  • Faulty Thermostat
  • Problem with refrigerant
  • Valve Problems
  • Compressor Problems
  • Unit wasn’t maintained properly
  • Leaking ducts
  • Outdoor unit isn’t working properly

When To Call Your HVAC Company

If you notice problems with your HVAC system maintaining the right heat, it could be that it is just really cold outside. If you don’t think that is the problem, you can call your HVAC Company, Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning and speak to a service technician who will be happy to help you diagnose the problem. You can depend on Greater Comfort to provide you with everything you need to keep your house comfortable all winter long.  Whether it is advise or heat pump repairs, Greater Comfort can help.