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10 Surprising Furnace Facts


As the temperatures drop, most of us are ready to spend less time outdoors and more time inside where it’s cozy and warm. Thanks to our furnaces, we’re able to do just that.

Here are 10 facts you might not know about furnaces, including where the name “furnace” comes from. Continue reading


Why Do Furnaces Need an Exhaust Stack?

Kentucky winters can be lovely times of the year, but unless you have an effective heater in your home, you’ll find it a struggle to enjoy them. A gas furnace is an excellent way to get the heat you need for a pleasant winter, since it provides effective warmth with the energy savings of natural gas.

Make sure you take excellent care of your furnace this winter so it always works its best. Look to Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.®: we’ve worked on furnaces in Alexandria, KY since 1988, and we can help you with the repairs and maintenance that will keep you warm until spring.

The flue exhaust stack

One of the most important components of a natural gas furnace is the flue exhaust stack. It is important for keeping you safe from carbon monoxide leaks and preventing exhaust backflow that could lead to an explosion. You need to have it kept in excellent repair so your furnace runs without safety issues

The exhaust stack is responsible for removing the combustion gases from the heat exchangers. (This is the reason a cracked heat exchanger is such a serious issue; you want the exhaust gas to go up the stack, not leak into the cabinet.) The gas naturally rises through the vertical shaft to be safely vented outside. A damper inside the stack regulates the difference in pressure between the inside of the furnace and the outside air (the draft) that draws the exhaust up the stack. The damper also prevents the exhaust gas from coming back into the cabinet.

In order for the stack to work properly, it cannot have breaks or holes in it from corrosion, and it cannot have any blockages. It also must be the correct size for the furnace in order to safely vent the gas, which is why you should only entrust furnace installation to professionals who will fit together the proper components for your heater.

We know that when something goes wrong with your furnace, whether it’s an exhaust stack problem or another issue like a misbehaving pilot light, you’ll need it fixed as soon as possible. That’s why Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.® offers you the convenience of 24-hour emergency services. For furnaces and heating services in Alexandria, KY, we have you covered!


How Does a Furnace Work? A Newport, KY Heating Question

Furnaces are one of the most popular, common ways that homeowners choose to heat their homes. There is a furnace in countless homes across the country. They offer high quality, efficient heating performance and a great variety of fuel options. Many homeowners do not stop to wonder, though, just how there furnace operates in order to heat their homes.

At Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.®, we like to keep our customers informed and educated. We believe that if you have a furnace in your Newport, KY home, you should have some idea of how it works. Here is some basic information to help you understand your furnace better.

A furnace, like other home heating systems, depends on your thermostat to tell it when temperatures have dropped below the desired target temperature. It is important that your thermostat is in good working condition and that you understand how to use it effectively. It is the central control panel for the furnace it regulates.

When more heat is needed fuel is sent to the burners, generally sparked by an electronic ignition device. A steady flame is maintained. This operation cannot be carried out safely if your burners, sensors or any other component are compromised. That is why regular furnace maintenance is so important.

The heat exchanger transfers heat to the flame more completely than the flames can by themselves. Once the heat exchanger is hot enough the blower in your furnace system will come on. This blower forces the air to your ductwork.

The ductwork system in your home supplies heated air throughout each room. This allows for effective, even heating. Of course air must be brought back to your furnace to complete they cycle. Your air ducts are also responsible for returning cool air back to the furnace, where the process can begin all over again.

No homeowner should ever attempt to service or repair their furnace on their own. With a proper installation and regular, professional maintenance your furnace can operate efficiently and effectively. This is not the case if you take it upon yourself to attempt any service on the system. To learn more about the furnace in your Newport, KY home or to schedule the professional services it needs to succeed, contact Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.®.


Newport, KY Heating Tip: Pros and Cons of Furnaces, Boilers, and Heat Pumps

Are you thinking of installing a new heating system in your Newport, KY home? While there are a lot of options out there for furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps, you’ll want to make sure you get the right one for your particular home and needs.

Here are the pros and cons to the different types of heating systems.


While most modern furnaces are efficient because of multi-stage motors and other energy-saving features, the most important factor is the output. An oversized furnace will produce BTUs that may be too much for your home, and the ductwork may not be designed to handle a high-output furnace.  Gas furnaces are highly efficient, but you have more flexibility in terms of space with an electric furnace installation since there’s no need for a ventilation system.


If you need a boiler replacement, it’s important to keep in mind that there are different types, namely three: conventional, condensing, and combination boilers. Conventional boilers need a lot of space for installation because of the water storage tank. Condensing boilers are more efficient because of better design and more efficient heat exchanger. Combination boilers are also highly efficient, and they can heat your water efficiently as well, which reduces your overall utility bill.

Heat Pumps

If you are considering installing a heat pump, it’s important to understand how that traditional heat pumps work as a forced air system, and ductless mini split heat pumps heat with individual units. All heat pumps provide both heating and cooling for your home. However, air source heat pumps may not be as efficient in colder areas. You can install a dual fuel system that includes a gas furnace backup heater in these cases. Your heating contractor will know which one is right for your home.

Call the Newport, KY heating experts at Greater Comfort if you have further questions.