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Cleaning and Sealing Your Ducts

sealing your ductworkCleaning and Sealing your ductwork is important and this blog will show you why.  Components of your HVAC system like the ducts get dirty like everything else in your home. The indoor air quality can be affected by not cleaning dirty ducts. Smoke, pets and mold from water damage can increase the need to have your ducts cleaned frequently. Even if you don’t have pets or other things that require extra cleaning, every house has regular dirt and dust build up that can be a problem over time.

Sealing Your Ducts

Besides cleaning, your ducts also require sealing from time to time. The average home loses around 25% of its air in the ductwork of AC and Heat systems according to the  EPA Energy Star Program.  The air escapes through holes and leaks in the ducts and its connections that can often be sealed to prevent such loss.   Cleaning and Sealing your ductwork will increase your HVAC’s energy efficiency and save you money.

How To Seal Your Ducts

The majority of your ducts are behind walls or in hard to reach places. There is however a large portion that is within reach. Ductwork in the attic or basement for example can be patched up with foil tape or mastic and a layer of insulation. Don’t make the mistake of thinking duct tape is for ducts. It won’t work. If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, a service technician can seal your ductwork and you will notice a difference in your comfort level and the amount you save on your energy bill.

Cleaning Your Ducts

Some people are better than others at changing the filters as often as they should on their HVAC system. This makes it even more imperative that you have your system checked every year or so by a professional. Most HVAC companies and their manufacturers recommend bi-annual maintenance. Dirty or leaking ductwork can make it difficult for your HVAC system to maintain the desired temperature in your home or office. If you notice mold or mildew in your duct system or HVAC components, it’s important to not only clean and remove the mold but to also find out if there are reason why the mold occurred in the first place.

Rodent Damage

Many times, rodents get into the ductwork of a home. Often this ductwork can be damaged and in most cases needs to be replaced. People who are allergic to animals may find there allergies acting up in these cases. The EPA recommends that these damaged ducts be replaced and the rodents removed.

Your HVAC Service Technician

You can call Greater Comfort Heating and Air and have a factory trained technician check to make sure your ductwork is cleaned and sealed. Connections at the vents are often areas that need sealed. At Greater Comfort, they are happy to help you inspect, repair or replace your duct system. Keeping you comfortable and your system running efficiently is their business.