Air Conditioning Maintenance Program in Northern KY

air conditioning maintenance program in Northern KYHaving an air conditioning maintenance program in Northern KY can give you peace of mind each year.  Having a company go through your air conditioning system to make sure things are running smooth before the season starts is a great way to ensure you will experience a good cooling season.

Professional Technicians

The technician that performs your air conditioning maintenance program in Northern KY needs to be knowledgeable, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your system is running good.  At Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, you can depend on their friendly staff to be factory trained and experienced in all aspects of your cooling system.  They are courteous, efficient and respectful of your time.  They show up on time and complete their job without wasting time.

Experienced Air Conditioning Company

Greater Comfort has been serving the Tri-State area for decades.  They offer their air conditioning maintenance program in Northern Kentucky, Southwest Ohio, and Southeast Indiana.  Because we live in the central part of the United States, we can experience hot summers and cold winters.  Greater Comfort offers a maintenance program that not only covers your cooling system but also your heating system.  They have many happy customers that have been relying on them to take care of their heating and cooling needs since 1988.  You can depend on them to do the same for you.

What an Air Conditioning Maintenance Program in Northern KY Checks

When your technician arrives they will systematically go through your cooling system.  They will check all of the components including your compressor, evaporator and they will check the refrigerant.  They will look for loose wires and check all disconnects and wiring to ensure your system is working properly.  They will also clean the area and drains of debris.    They also change filters and any other parts that need replaced.  When they are done, you’ll be ready to use your system and start out the cooling season ready to go.

Your Typical Maintenance Program

At Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, they offer an annual Northern KY maintenance program.  They agree to visit 2 times a year, usually in April and October.  They come at your convenience so you know they are there and when they service your unit.  They offer pre-season checkups on your heating system and cooling system so that you can rest assured you will be comfortable and your system will start up and work right away.  They also help with thermostat settings too.  For all your cooling and heating needs, call Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning today.