Greater Comfort supports the local NKY community

Greater Comfort Proudly Supports Our Local NKY & Greater Cincinnati Community

Greater Comfort is proud to be deeply connected—and embedded—within our local community.

In fact, when we were founded 15 years ago, our founder and President Dan Lickert, had a mission: to do things differently as a trusted heating and cooling company. That same mission and vision—to be great at what we do, but also make great contributions to our community, at the same time—still stands today.

Supporting the Local Community & Beyond

We recognize that small business has the unique—and critical—ability to raise the quality of life for families, employees, communities, and beyond.

While we do much behind the scenes in our community in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, we also recognize the value in sharing some of what we’re up to.

One example of this is our support of Ruth Moyer Elementary School’s Santa House. Ruth Moyer Elementary, located in Fort Thomas, Kentucky is a part of Ft. Thomas Independent School District.

As a school district, it has been recognized as a public school leader in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area and in the commonwealth of Kentucky. The district proudly has 5 schools, more than 3,000 local students, 4 blue ribbon schools, 97.6% graduate rate, and a 1:1 student to technology device ratio. In short, the school is a premier institution that’s raising the quality of life in our community, one student and family at a time.

To that end, we’re glad to have been able to support the school over the years. Most recently, as described, that was with the Ruth Moyer Santa House, an annual school fundraising event that gets students, families, and the entire community involved and engaged to raise funds for school initiatives.

A Fundraiser that Carries on Tradition

The fundraiser isn’t just a lot of fun for all those involved—it also has a great deal of history and continues to pass on tradition for students and staff. Since 1975, Moyer PTO has sponsored Santa House. Over that time, it’s also become the school’s biggest fundraiser. Each year, the money raised from Santa House goes directly to purchasing the “extras” that can help the children learn and develop—those things not funded by the state or local taxes.

This year’s fundraising event was possibly more creative than ever to keep families and staff safe. Moyer’s principal, Dr. Dawn Laber, went to the North Pole for a live broadcast. The event also featured Cris Collinsworth, Kevin “Mr. H.” Hedenberg, Mayor Haas, Miss Caroline Stine, Coach Dale Mueller, Author/Illustrator, Mr. Loren Long, and the one and only, Mrs. Claus. All in all, it was as great success, and we were happy to be one of the Gold Sponsors of the event.

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