Your HVAC and Air Purifiers What to Know

Your HVAC & Air Purifiers: What to Know

What is the difference between an air cleaner and air purifier?

Let’s dig into the answer, and what you ought to know about indoor air quality right now.

Looking at Air Purifiers versus Air Cleaners

Air cleaners and air purifiers do a lot to protect and preserve our indoor air quality.

Air purifiers work to sanitize the air. They typically emit negative ions, ozone, utilizing heat or they use UV or UVC lamps to help sanitize the air. We can thank them for helping us reduce odors and getting rid of things that do, generally speaking, potentially make us sick or worsen allergies.

Air cleaners, on the other hand, work to filter the air. Air cleaners work to “clean” the air and collect the dust—which typically is the larger particles. That also includes pet dander which can be a major source of indoor air quality issues.

Many think of their HEPA air cleaner which is a great example of one way we work to protect our health and indoor air quality by using an air cleaner. If you’re wondering if either is it worth it for your home (or office), give us call and we can help.

Other Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Changing your air filter regularly is one of the top ways to find relief from allergens in your home and office, too. So despite all you can do with a purifier or cleaner, one of the best ways you can protect your indoor air quality is by making sure you are consistent about changing your air filter.

Air filters regularly and consistently eliminate mold, pollen, spores and other contaminants throughout your home. Good air filters keep your home cleaner and they keep the actual air itself cleaner and fresher, which many people do not recognize.

Polluted air also can contain chemicals that age the skin—so that’s just one more reason to do your best to keep your air clean and pure.

Want to take even more steps? Be sure you are regularly cleaning your home.

Whether it be vacuuming so that you can get rid of pet hair, or getting the cobwebs cleaned, routine cleaning is critical to combat allergens in the air. Mold that builds up in our showers or other areas is also something to work to eliminate and get rid of. That’s part of why you always want to use vents or fans to keep the air moving and to minimize humidity.

If you have extreme allergies and no fan in your bathroom, look into the possibility of getting a fan which can help reduce this mold build-up over time.

Next, if you aren’t already, consider washing your bedding at least once a week in hot water to also get rid of potential allergens, pollen, dust, dust mites, and pet dander. At the very least, this can help you have a more comfortable home.

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