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Why It’s Important to Change Your Filter Regularly


Wonder why you need to change your filters regularly? Here are 6 reasons that will leave you marking your next air filter change on the calendar!

1. It Extends Your HVAC Unit Life

Dirty air filters can cause heating and air conditioning systems to break down. As dirt and grime accumulate in the filter, air cannot pass through as easily. Even worse, the system can overheat, and vital components can become damaged.

When the motor has to work harder, the system can breakdown and result in replacement of your system sooner than expected. Frequently changing your air filter is the best way to extend the life of your system by avoiding this system stress (1).

2. It Reduces Your Energy Bill

As you likely know, heating and air conditioning usage is typically the biggest source of energy consumption on your utility bill each month. If your air filter is clogged or dirty, more energy is required to push the air through.

This increased energy required means a higher energy bill. Keeping a fresh air filter in place can save you between 5 and 15 percent on your utility bill, just by minimizing that extra exertion from your system (1, 2).

3. It Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

A dirty and worn out air filter can’t do its job, which is to filter the air for you and your family. A dirty air filter worsens the quality of the air in your home, and can exacerbate allergy, asthma and other respiratory symptoms due to the increase in particulate, dust, pollens, dander, and other impurities in the air.

Allergens and dirt that accumulate in the filter will actually start to spread throughout the household if the filter isn’t changed regularly (1). Keeping your air filter clean will enrich the quality of the air you breathe daily (2).

4. It Keeps Your HVAC System Clean

Once dirt piles up and clogs the filter, dirt will start to pollute the entire heating and cooling unit and system, including the ductwork. Just think of how this makes your system have to work harder. This leads to breakdowns, extra repairs, more service calls, or the need to replace parts that you didn’t plan on or budget for (1,3).

5. It’s Easy & Inexpensive

Compared to a repair, changing your air filter is quite easy and very inexpensive. This kind of maintenance can take as little as a few minutes, so there’s no excuse not to!

This makes it an obvious and important choice for regular DIY servicing that will give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your HVAC system running smoothly.

6. It Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

For those that are eco-conscious, here’s just one more reason to change your air filters. Wasted energy associated with a dirty filter in turn generates more pollution. Increase electricity usage emits more greenhouse gases and carbon monoxide. Regularly replacing your filter is one way to prevent excessive environmental pollution and be kind to our earth (2,3).

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