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This is How to Prep Your Home & Furnace for a New Baby

A new baby means lots of baby-proofing choices to think about: baby gates for the stairs, safety locks on the cabinets, electric plugs for the outlets, moving dangerous items out of reach. What are some other ways you can make your home the most inviting, nurturing, healthy, and safe place as possible to raise your new bundle of joy?

Ensuring Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality is Fresh and Clean is a High Priority.

Many parents purchase new furniture for the nursery or paint walls when they are expecting. Due to these upgrades and updates, your home air will contain new chemicals and toxins. Good Morning America found over 300 chemicals in the air of the average nursery (1).

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists indoor air quality as the fourth greatest pollution threat to Americans. Babies face the greatest risk from environmental pollution for several reasons: they breathe more frequently, their bodies are less equipped to handle the stress of pollution and they are down at floor level, where more contaminants can be found. So the last thing you want is a brand new baby exposed to a house full of dust, allergens, and toxins (1, 2).

What Can You Do?

Put these four HVAC-related changes on your “must-do list” before baby arrives to ensure cleaner, safer air quality for your little one:

  1. Replace your air filters. Both now, and on a regular basis. You should change your filters every three months for maximum quality and efficiency.
  2. Schedule a quality, professional cleaning and inspection of the HVAC unit to ensure everything is clean and working properly.
  3. Control the humidity. Too much humidity can lead to increased bacteria, yeast, and mold growth.
  4. Have your home’s indoor air quality tested. Schedule an air quality evaluation (2, 3, 4).

Another tip: When the time has come for your baby to join you, consider turning up the temperature in your home a few degrees. The warm climate will be a comforting treat to your new addition as he or she becomes accustomed to life outside of Mom.

Is it Time to Schedule an Inspection or Cleaning of Your HVAC System? 

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