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Spring Is Replacement Season

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HVAC Replacement Season Is Upon Us

Your HVAC certainly doesn’t need to be changed EVERY spring. But spring time is the perfect season for replacement if the timing is right for your household. Why? The weather is mild enough that if you have to be without heating or cooling while the replacement is taking place, your family will stay comfortable. Additionally, during this season, manufacturers will often offer special incentives and rebates of which we can help you take advantage.

HVAC units don’t last forever, and the time will come when a replacement is in order. It’s hard to know exactly when a replacement is in order, so we’ve put together a list of indicators to help you determine if your HVAC system is reaching the end of its useful life.

The Top Ten Signs It’s Time To Replace Your HVAC System

How can you tell when the time has come to replace, instead of just repair, your system? Look through our replacement guide below to help you know when it’s time to contact Greater Comfort about a new HVAC.

 1. Running Too Often

Do you notice your unit seems to be running more frequently this year? This can be a sign that the unit isn’t working properly. The HVAC system will actually consume more energy than is necessary, wasting you money on your utility bill.

2. Increased Dust

Do you find yourself bringing out the Swiffer more often? Leaky ducts in an older, worn out HVAC can draw dust from attics and basements, depositing it in other areas of your home. This results in more noticeable dust.

3. Noise

Modern HVAC systems are designed to be fairly quiet. If you notice new, different or louder noise coming from your heating and cooling systems or resounding through the vents, this could point to the need for a tune up or replacement.

4. Humidity Issues

If the ducts are wearing out, your home can develop humidity control problems. Your home will start to be too dry in the winter and too humid in the summer.

5. Poor Temperature Control

If you can’t keep your home at a steady temperature, it could be because your system isn’t working properly. This can also be true if you find that some rooms are always warmer or colder than others.

6. Breakdowns

While it’s sometimes possible to replace parts and get your system up and running again, if you have heating and cooling system breakdowns, it could make more sense to replace the entire unit. You want to be sure any repairs you have done will extend the life of the unit for at least a year or more.

7. Frequent Repairs

If your HVAC is requiring frequent repairs, it could be a sign the unit is wearing out. Plus, the money you are pouring into repairs may be better spent acquiring a newer, more efficient system. Every year, heating and cooling equipment gets more efficient, saving you energy and money.

8. An Old System

Is your system more than ten years old? It is rare for an HVAC unit to last longer than ten to twelve years, so if you are approaching that milestone, keep in mind that a replacement will be necessary soon. If your unit is already past this age, keep in mind that breakdowns could be on the horizon. Making the change to a more modern unit means more convenient features and efficiency.

9. Carbon Monoxide

Older furnaces can develop cracks in the heat exchangers. This can lead to a heating system that pumps out too much carbon monoxide. Make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working properly and monitor your property for rising carbon monoxide levels.

10. Electrical Shorts

Has your HVAC shorted out your electricity? HVAC units that are creating electrical issues in your home are a safety issue. This occurrence indicates it’s time to replace the system.  

Not Sure About Your HVAC?

If you have questions about any of the indicators above, or about the safety or function of your HVAC system, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Greater Comfort. We can examine your unit to determine if you are in need of a new system, or if there are simple tune-ups we can perform to extend the life of your current system.

A brand new HVAC is a fantastic spring cleaning update for your home and your family, but we want to be sure the timing is right for you.

Check out Greater Comfort’s current promotions that could help make your replacement more affordable. We want to help ensure the timing is right. Give us a call at 859-491-4915 to schedule a checkup for your system.


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