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Your Smartphone Can Give You More Comfort Than Ever

HVAC Explored: 6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Give You More Comfort Than Ever

You really can control your comfort anytime, and from anywhere, with the smart apps we have available today.

Keep reading to see 6 features of smart technology you might not know about:

1. See & Set the Temperature of Every Room

Once you download the app on your phone, you have total control of all aspect of your comfort. You can set your desired temperature, adjust your fan speed, and you can even set air direction in each and every zone in your building or your home. No matter where you are, that means your occupants/tenants or your family can be completely comfortable (1).

2. Control Your Home When on Vacation

Going to be gone for the weekend? Or maybe for an entire month? Either way, you can have peace of mind about your HVAC while your away because you have remote visibility into your heating and cooling settings.

Plus, at any time, you can change the settings you’ve selected, which just means more control for you (1).

3. Reminders to Change Your Air Filter When It’s Time

Despite our best intentions, sometimes we can all forget about changing out the air filter on-time, and that’s not great for any system!

With certain smart app integrations we offer, you can be alerted as soon as it’s time to change out your air filter. Not only does that mean you don’t have to check, but you don’t even have to remind yourself, so your system is actually…smarter! Now you have no excuses for not getting your air filters changed out on-time (1).

4. Other Alerts & Notifications Brought to You in Real-Time

Something not working quite right? Now you can be alerted of system notifications you need to know about. Alerts, and their location, are great to know about as soon as they happen, and now you have the ability to know about issues in real-time, not weeks or months too late.

5. Much More Advanced Personal Comfort & Automatic Controls

You may already think you have personalized comfort, but our mobile app can even help you control supplemental heating, humidification, dehumidification and ventilation. Technology we offer also offers advanced logic that can automatically change a multi-room system from cooling to heating and back based on comfort needs (1).

6. Simple Programming That Keeps Your Space Operationally Efficient

You might already be taking advantage of thermostat scheduling and programming, but this gives you a whole new degree of scheduling capabilities. Now you can manage the schedule from anywhere, too, so every building you manage and/or your home is/are  operating as efficiently as possible.

…But What About Setup?

The great news is that once we install your interface, your unit will be discoverable in the app. You can name your indoor units, create groups and even organize them for multiple properties, all from the same app. It’s designed to be easy and intuitive so you can get the most out of the controls and functionality (1).

The information in this blog is about the kumo cloud app from Mitsubishi. Learn more about it here, and ask us for more details.

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