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Myths and Facts About HVAC Technicians Greater Comfort is hiring

Myths & Facts About HVAC Technicians

At Greater Comfort, we have a team of passionate, experienced, and dedicated service team members.

With that said, we often hear of certain misconceptions or myths that exist in the marketplace about HVAC technician careers—both the journey of getting into the field, as well as the potential to thrive after someone is in that role. We’re taking a look at a few of these myths and showing what the reality is, including why a career as an HVAC technician is a great one with massive opportunity and potential.

Myth: It’s a cumbersome process to become a certified HVAC technician

It’s a myth that the process to become equipped to be an HVAC technician is cumbersome or overly complicated.

On the contrary, the path to getting into the field is fairly straightforward: education, experience, and application.

Many HVAC technicians choose to earn a degree at a trade school or community college, meaning an average time to complete the degree would be about two years, if you are enrolled as a full time student. There are options for night time classes and even other schools have accelerated programs where students can take courses at a faster pace.

What’s great about going this route is the hand-on, real-world experience you can get with an apprenticeship. Often times this real-world application—where you are essentially coached and partnered with an experienced professional—is done after your initial education.

Depending on the state you are, some long-term, in-depth apprenticeships can be used in place of a formal degree. (Ask us about our ongoing apprenticeship opportunities, too!)

After education and a successful apprenticeship—or in some cases, during an apprenticeship—you are able to become licensed. This is where an evaluation of your expertise and skills happens to be sure you meet a minimum requirement of standards.

To pass, you’ll need to know the basics about HVAC install and repair, things related to electrical codes, and even safety-related practices. The good news is that most people find the evaluation simple and straightforward thanks to their degree or the real-world experience they’ve had.

Myth: There aren’t simple paths into the sector

Again, unlike what some believe, the path to become an HVAC technician includes education and an apprenticeship—and therefore is clear and transparent for those looking to break into the industry.

HVAC systems themselves have become quite complex, but getting into the industry isn’t necessarily more complex or hard to navigate than getting into other industries. We have a lot of ongoing learning that happens because of the exciting tech entering and transforming the industry, but that’s where continuing education and ongoing learning come into play.

The takeaway: Look to get a solid baseline of education (at a school such as Great Oaks) and an apprenticeship with a company like Greater Comfort. With solid education, customer-first values, and experience, you are well on your way to a thriving career.

Want to learn more about a career as a HVAC technician?

Greater Comfort is continually seeking motivated, trustworthy, professional team players who are interested in joining our growing service department team.

At Greater Comfort, we’ve served nearly 50,000 customers—which tells you just a bit about our reach. We offer a special brand of expertise and customer service to every job we perform.

All of our team members are passionate about providing residential and commercial customers with efficient, effective, and reliable solutions. No matter the project, we’re able to design and deliver innovative solutions that meet our customers’ every need.

Think you may be a fit to join the Greater Comfort team?

Applicants must have or be able to provide Kentucky Master or Journeyman license to include EPA certification. Our benefits include company provided truck, Dental, Vision & 100,000 Life insurance, Long Term Disability, Medical Insurance, 401K, profit sharing, up to 6 weeks of vacation, personal and sick time. Additionally, all continuing education and education advancement is compensated for our team members. Learn more about our HVAC Commercial Service Technician and our HVAC Residential Service Technician roles and apply today and contact us if you’re looking for an apprenticeship.

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