What to Know About Home Automation


We can now use technology in and around the home to simplify our lives, improve safety, and reduce energy costs.

Home automation can be personalized and used to whatever degree of involvement you, as the homeowner, desires.

Most commonly, these systems control things like lighting, home theater or entertainment systems, appliances, security systems, door locks, outdoor sprinkler systems as well as features to manage energy efficiency. Any piece of electronic equipment that can be controlled remotely or programmed to work automatically falls under the general concept of what’s now generally called “home automation” (1).

The cost of these systems varies greatly. From simple lighting control kits for around $60, to complete house-wide control systems that cost thousands of dollars, on average, you can tailor your home automation to your needs and your budget. It can seem intimidating, but many home automation features are easy to use and easy to install. Let’s explore home automation further and the benefits further.

The Benefits of Home Automation Systems

Energy Savings

One of the best ways to use home automation to save money on your utility bill is to remotely monitor and manage the climate of your home. You can also install smart thermostats that respond to the number of people and location of people in a given room.

These features can reduce gas and electricity consumption and save you dollars. By automating your HVAC and lighting systems, it is estimated you will save between 5% and 30% on your utility costs (2). This is because HVAC and lighting are two of the largest energy uses in modern buildings and homes.


Of course another benefit is greater control over various aspects of your home. You can set up a temperature calendar or schedule your temperatures or light function based on your daily habits and activity, or have a more hands-on daily controlled approach. Either way you go, this helps you save money while maintaining your daily comfort.

Environmental Impact

Reducing your energy usage prevents waste of resources and is good for the environment. You have the potential to produce and release less greenhouse gas, and potentially could reduce water waste (2). Imagine being able to turn off your sprinklers from work when you see there is rain in the forecast. Some systems even respond to weather changes automatically (3).

Improved Security

Depending on what types of systems you choose, you could manage your locks, garage doors, exterior lights, or security cameras remotely. This provides added security when you are away at work, out to dinner, home alone, or away on vacation.

How do you control these features? Simple controls or applications from any internet-based device, such as a phone, computer or iPad, will allow you to control and manage your home automation services (4). You can pull up your control program and check the status of any of the automated systems you have installed on your network. The features, choices and personalization options are endless.

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