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Best Home Improvements for Every Time of the Year

Owning a house is a wonderful and rewarding thing—especially during the holidays. Being able to comfortably gather with friends and family always reminds us that our house isn’t just a house, but a home.

That said, you know that it isn’t always a walk in the park to keep it in tip-top shape…or, sometimes you simply purchase a home knowing you want to make changes to it later on! (Doesn’t it seem like your list of desired improvements and renovations is always growing?)

Let’s chip away at that list! We’ve got some seasonal home improvement ideas in store for you—and we think you’re going to like them.

January through March

Get your paint brushes out. While you’re cooped up inside, it’s the perfect time to paint a room or two! You’d be surprised what a new coat of paint can do for the look of your home. Plus, the crisp winter air works well for curing paint, so be sure to crack a window open in the process (1).

Give your carpets and rugs a deep clean. As you probably already know, your flooring takes quite the hit in the winter. All of the mud, snow, and salt that you track in can really dirty up your carpet. Tackling these stains in the winter instead of waiting until the spring is a great idea (the longer you wait, the harder the stains are to get out!) (1)

April through June  

Clean out your gutters. Did you know that excess runoff from your gutters can cause serious issues for your home’s foundation? Clogged gutters are typically the culprit for this, being unable to redirect runoff away from the foundation of your home. Try to tackle this one early in the season before rain hits (1).

Add a patio, deck, or outdoor room. Once spring has sprung, it’s normal to want to wash away the winter blues with something new! This is a great time to spruce up your home with an outdoor addition. Because the ground is softer in the spring, it’s easier to build a deck which requires some digging. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the finished product in the summer months! (2)

July through September

Ready your home for winter..NOW! Maybe it’s the pipes or wires around the home. Or maybe it’s damage from humidity that you can tackle during these months. You also want to be sure that any problems on your roof are taken care of now, since the colder winter months are coming and those problems will only get worse!

Refurbish your home’s exterior. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outside! Whether it be replacing the windows, buying new shudders, or painting the house exterior, you’ll be pleased with a fresh new look (1).

October through December  

Remodel the bathroom. Most contractors’ schedules tend to slow down during these months, so it’s the perfect time to hire one for a small project. Because they can tackle a bathroom remodel relatively quickly during this season, it’ll be all ready for the holidays! (1)

Swap out old appliances for new ones. The newest models of higher priced appliances like dishwashers and stoves tend to premier during this season, which means the older ones will go on sale. And sometimes, holiday sales will start early—so keep your eyes peeled! (1)

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Home improvement doesn’t end at the cosmetics. Ensure that your HVAC system is in great shape. We know you’re doing your regular tune-ups with us, but be sure to change out your air filters regularly, too!

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