Ways to Tell Your Boiler Is Leaking

Leaking is one of the few problems that boilers encounter during their long lifetimes. Because boilers have fewer moving parts than most heating systems, such as furnaces and heat pumps, they do not wear down as fast and consequently need less repair work done. Leaking, however, can occur, and when you find it happening with your boiler, don’t delay calling for professionals to repair it.

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How can you tell you’ve got a leaky boiler? Here are some signs:

  • Water on the floor near the boiler tank: The most obvious sign is discovering water around the boiler. Unless there is another possible source (such as water entering the basement after a hard rain), then the boiler is the likely cause.
  • Rust and corrosion on the tank: Sometimes the water leaking from a boiler will quickly evaporate because of its heat, making it hard to notice. But the increase in moisture can cause corrosion to develop along the tank—and the moment you see any corrosion or rust along a boiler, you need to call for repairs right away. Corrosion will spread, and if left alone, it will eventually eat away at the metal of the tank and you will need to replace the whole tank.
  • The boiler is constantly running: If one of the hot water lines from the boiler starts to leak or even breaks, the boiler will try to compensate for the heat loss by running continually to replace it. Hot water lines tend to break more often because they expand from heat, and they are the main reason for a boiler that runs all the time. Regardless of what is causing the boiler to run this way, it needs repairs.

A leaking boiler is at risk of breaking down entirely and causing water damage to your home. If you see or suspect a leak, call heating professionals immediately to remedy the trouble.

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