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Ways to Save Energy at Home & In the Office This Month

Even by making small changes each day, you can save some major money, and help out the environment, too.

At the office, consider these tips:

  • It can be tempting to leave the Christmas lights and/or holiday décor on at all times, but consider only having it on certain days of the week (like Friday), and at minimum, make sure someone turns off the lights when no one is in the office.
  • Install motion-activated lights. There are probably rooms, hallways, or bathrooms that aren’t always busy at your office. Consider using motion-activated lights which turn on right when they are needed and help you cut down on wasted energy usage.
  • Switch off all electrical appliances when not in use. Many offices have kitchens or other areas with appliances that aren’t often in use. Shut those off, especially if the office takes nearly a week off near the holidays.
  • Switch the LED lights if you haven’t already.
  • Shut the door behind you! One of the best ways to cut down on energy loss is to make sure your curtains or blinds are actually sealing your windows. You also want to be sure people shut doors behind them at all times or that you use a door/entryway that cuts down on wasted energy
  • Consider a more energy efficient HVAC system(s). This can quickly pay off while only heating rooms that are in occupancy or that need the extra heat to be comfortable.
  • Consider switching energy providers. If they haven’t already called you, consider doing some research on the energy price you are paying—whether that be your home or if you are the building owner/property manager.
  • Have a talk about the thermostat. You might have multiple people in the office who are changing the thermostat, not realizing what they are doing or not knowing what impact they are truly having on the energy bill. Have a talk about what’s expected when it comes to changing the thermostat.

Are you the one having guests over for Thanksgiving? Or maybe you are just planning to spend a bit more time cooking this month or next! Keep these tips in mind to conserve energy in the kitchen specifically:

  • Leftovers, anyone? Keep the refrigerator cleaned out! There’s no need to waste energy by keeping spoiled or old food cold.
  • When preheating the oven, time it so that it doesn’t stay on longer than it needs to be. That’s a lot of wasted heat if nothing is in the oven.
  • Never use the oven to heat you home.
  • Use pots and pans in the kitchen when you can which can cut down on wasted energy
  • Use small pots when you can to cut down on energy loss while you bake or use the stove.
  • If and when you can, consider using a grill outside. It sounds crazy, but it can be a good way to mix food up and conserve energy.
  • Use the microwave whenever possible. It’s not always going to be practical depending on the recipe, but certain times it will make no difference.

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