It’s Time to Switch to Heat—But that Shouldn’t Mean You Sacrifice Comfort

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For all of us across Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati, fall means switching to heat! Here’s what you need to know about staying comfortable during the winter.

Control Your Humidity & Temperature In Your Home

If you have a lack of moisture in the air in your home during the fall or winter, you can negatively impact your health, comfort and your home. Humidity—lack of, or too much—is one of the major factors that can affect our overall comfort in the home!

What are the signs that you are lacking humidity in your home?

If you feel you have abnormally dry skin, a scratchy throat, or you’ve noticed itchy eyes, or even a lower than normal immune function, the air in your home could be to blame! Not only does the drier air actually feel cooler, but it can actually increase our risk of contracting colds. Getting a humidifier is your solution for an effective, efficient and sustainable way to add vapor back into the air throughout your home.

On the flip side, too much moisture in the air can mean fungus, mold and dust mites will thrive in the home, which of course is bad for our health and worsens allergies and asthma.

Beyond controlling the amount of air in our home, furnaces help control the temperature throughout our home—another major factor in our day-to-day comfort. Gas furnaces will use burners to ignite fuel to give you steady heat, and conventional furnaces turn the gas flame off and on as the furnace cycles. More innovative systems can use special gas valves to incrementally adjust the flow of fuel, providing even greater control and consistent heat (and even energy savings).

Last, a programmable thermostat provides—when utilized—gives you complete control for you and your family, and some advanced models even tie-in humidity control. Ask us for more information if you ‘re looking to better control your heat and the level of moisture in your air.

Two-stage heating also gives more control. With two-stage heating, the furnace has high for cold winter days and then low for milder days. Usually the low setting meets household heating demands, meaning the furnace “starts” in the first stage, where the amount of heat required is lower.

A two-stage unit doesn’t give you that sudden blast of air, and it gives you very consistent comfort, more even heat distribution, and can regulate temperature very close to desired settings.

Control Your Air Quality

During winter, impurities in the air in our home can irritate our eyes, our nose and lungs. Part of the air quality picture is humidity control, and as described, having the right amount of moisture in the air means we can minimize the risk of pollutants and things like mold in our home.

A second component is air purification. Getting a filtration and air purification system attached to your furnace or air handler means you can remove and destroy air pollutants and contaminants. This is a critical way in order to better control the air in our home.

Not to be forgotten is the power of ventilation, which is powerful in getting fresh air into our home, and stale air out of the home. Especially when thinking about tightly sealed homes, we’re able to enhance indoor air quality because we’re able to remove those pollutants that we don’t want in the home. Consider how single-room air cleaners are focused on one room, as you would guess. These are small and are portable. Whole-home air cleaners are permanently integrated solutions that are typically tied to your HVAC.

Ready to get rid of dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, mold, mildew, germs and the chemical vapors and odors that might be in your home?

Get greater control of the air in your home by taking advantage of the latest air cleaning technology. Give us a call today at 859-491-4915.


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