The Top 5 Furnace Repairs in Florence, KY

Furnaces are one of the most popular heating systems in the United States and in Florence, KY. They offer reliable and relatively cheap heat for your home. They’re also fairly simple pieces of equipment. But like all things, they eventually break down and need repairs. At Greater Comfort, we’ve repaired and installed countless furnaces in the Florence, KY area. We thought it would be good for us to put together some of the most common repairs that we see.

Air Filter

This is by far the most common cause of furnace problems in Florence, KY. The air filter in your furnace is there to make sure that dirt and debris to collect inside the unit. If this isn’t changed it can result in a whole bunch of problems including overheating, low air flow and even heat exchanger cracks.

Air Flow

Another common problem is low or no air flow. This happens when you turn on your furnace but no air comes out of the registers in your rooms. The culprit for this problem is often a dirty air filter restricting air flow through the unit. This can also be from a problem with the fan, fan bearings or fan belt. Sometimes, there can be blockages or pinches in the ductwork as well.


The thermostat in your home is responsible for detecting the temperature in your home and telling the furnace to turn on when it gets too cold. Eventually, your thermostat can break and cause a lot of problems. Sometimes we can just reset the thermostat while other times we end up replacing the unit. Some of the symptoms of a broken thermostat is insufficient heat or too much heat.

Furnace Ignition

If you have a gas-fired furnace, the ignition system is a pilot light that is constantly lit. If you have an electric furnace it can be an igniter. If you have no heat or if you only have heat sometimes, it can be the result of a faulty ignition system. Sometimes all they need is to be cleaned while other times you may need to replace the pilot light or igniter assembly.

Furnace Sounds

We often get calls for service to determine what a particular sound means about the furnace. Many times this is rumbling sound or a squealing sound. In the case of squealing, this is most likely a worn out fan belt that is rubbing against another part. In the case of rumbling, this normally means that the burner is dirty.

If you have any issues with the furnace in your Florence, KY home, call Greater Comfort immediately. We can diagnose your problem quickly and offer our competitively priced furnace repair services. Contact us today!


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