Newport, KY Heating FAQ: How Do Boilers Distribute Heat?

One of the frequently asked boiler questions we get from our Newport, KY area customers is about the different ways these heating systems distribute heat. Greater Comfort has put together a basic boiler operation list to demonstrate how hot water boilers distribute heat.

The most common type of boiler is a hot water boiler. With a hot water boiler, water is heated and then distributed throughout your home via pipes. You can have either traditional radiators or baseboard radiators which release the heat into your rooms. A pump is used to circulate the hot water through the pipes. The water in the boiler itself can be heated by oil or gas. Since this is not a forced air system, there are no need for air ducts. Boilers are a very effective way to heat your home.

Today, you can buy a high efficiency boiler for your home that can heat it more efficiently than ever before. Older boilers have AFUE ratings of only 55-65 percent, versus the Energy Star rated boilers you can buy today with AFUE ratings of at least 85 percent. That means that much more of the heat produced by your boiler is used to heat your home, which can save you a lot of money on your utility bills. High efficiency boilers also usually have controls that can help reduce the amount of heat lost in your pipes. Some can also serve as an indirect water heater.

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