Make-up Air Systems: A Newport KY Contractor’s Guide

Have you ever walked up to a building and tried to open the door but found resistance as you pulled it open? This is because of negative pressure, meaning that the pressure outside the building is greater that the air pressure inside. This causes the outside air to press in on building creating a suction effect. Other evidence of negative pressure is drafts around doors and windows.

Causes of Negative Air Pressure

This is normally caused by improper ventilation. The building’s HVAC system exhausts too much air from the interior creating a vacuum on the inside.

The Make-Up Air System

The purpose of the make-up air system, as its name implies, is to allow the building to make up the air that it has exhausted. This equalizes the pressure inside the building to match the outside. As air travels out of the building, the make-up air system allows an equal amount of air into the building.

How the Make-Up Air System Works

Make-up air systems are fairly simple. They consist of an air intake entrance for fresh air; a series of filters to remove dust and contaminants; an actuator that controls the amount of air allowed in; and then a conditioning unit that heats or cools the air. They can also sometimes contain a humidity control system as well. The fresh, incoming air can be ducted to any place in the building that needs it.

Benefits of a Make-Up Air System

  • Increased comfort – By equalizing the pressure inside the building, there are less drafts of air being pulled in by the negative air pressure. This increases the control over inside temperature and the relative comfort of the people inside.
  • Improves air quality – By properly filtering incoming air, the supply of air is more pure. Instead of letting in dirty, contaminated air through doors and windows, the fresh is filtered and ducted directly to the building’s areas.
  • Increased efficiency – With negative air pressure pulling air into the building, the HVAC system has to work harder to exhaust that air. With a make-up air system, efficiency can be increased by up to 35%. Taking to load off the HVAC can be a great benefit.

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