I Get Regular Heating Maintenance: What Repairs Should I Watch For?

Regular heating maintenance is an important part of maintaining your heater: correcting little problems before they turn into big ones and generally improving the effectiveness of its functions. Taking advantage of regular maintenance should decrease any need for any heating repairs. However, maintenance can’t prevent every problem, which is why you need to look out for issues that might not be spotted by such treatment. If you’re saying to yourself “I get regular heating maintenance: what repairs should I watch for?”, then we have a handy list for you to consult.

  • Electrical problems. A maintenance session should be able to catch loose connectors, frayed wires and similar issues However, technicians don’t normally check the electrical wiring connecting the heater to the breaker box. He electrical motor blowing the air may also suffer a malfunction over and above the technician’s ability to inspect. Regardless, it’s something that could arise more or less without warning.
  • Sudden spikes in monthly bills. If something suddenly malfunctions, it might not actively shut down the heater or even show any overt signs that something is wrong. It will, however, cost more for the unit to overcome the issue and continue to heat your home. Ideally, a maintenance session can anticipate such failures, but they also happen suddenly and without warning. Spotting the higher heating bill is the best way to stay ahead of such problems.
  • Debris falling into the fan. A maintenance session will clear up most debris, but if you have trees or shrubbery near your heater, something could fall through. If it does, it might get caught in the fan or some other part of the mechanism, causing damage in the process.

If you spot any of these issues, don’t hesitate. The experts at Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.® can handle most kinds of heating problems, including those that show up suddenly without warning. If you’re saying “what kind of heating repairs can I expect even with regular maintenance?” then give us a call. Heating repair in Newport is no laughing matter. Let us help you handle it right!


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