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How to Prep Your Home for Thanksgiving

Are you hosting the family this year for Thanksgiving? There’s so much that goes into preparing for (and even cleaning up!) when it comes to hosting Thanksgiving at your home.

It’s a festive time of year, and you should be able to enjoy the holiday, too. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips to help you prepare the home for Thanksgiving.

Places to Sit

Do a headcount a few days before and make sure you have enough chairs and table space for your guests. It seems like an obvious one, but it’s easy to forget.

Then you’ll have time to either rent furniture or simply ask family members if they can bring chairs (ahead of time or day of) if you don’t have extra yourself.

Table & Home Décor

Whether you already have some festive decorations, or you want to make a few yourself, put out your themed décor to set the mood for the big day! If you want to do something extra, head to a store like Target or Home Goods where they have tons of decorations and table décor to choose from, including special themed bowls and plates, cute pumpkins, name cards, pillows, wreathes, candles and candleholders, napkin rings, vases, special lights and decorative turkeys.

If heading to the store is going to be hard to find, don’t forget about Amazon which also has many selections you can add to your home! If you want to do something extra special, consider flowers or some other floral arrangement.

Time for Cleaning

It may be a week before, or it may be the weekend before depending on your pets and kids, but take time to do a deep cleaning all over the house.

Doing it a few days in advance will allow you to focus on other things closer to Thanksgiving day, but it will ensure your home is still clean the day your guests arrive. While you’re at it, make sure you have everything you’ll need in your guest bathrooms, from extra towels to toilet paper.

Be Sure You’ve Done Your Seasonal Tune-Up

In terms of keeping guests comfortable, temperature and air quality will be key! Be sure you’ve gotten in your heating system tune-up. Not only does it help set you up to prevent emergencies, but you’ll be making sure it’s performing optimally and you’ll be preserving the life of your system.

Take Time to Make a Cooking Schedule

Knowing what you want to prep beforehand and when things need to go in the oven can help you prioritize, can drastically cut down on time the day-of, and it can make sure your desired menu is going to be possible for the big day.

For example: you may need to switch out what will be on the menu once you realize how long the turkey is going to be in the oven, for example.

While some homes have two ovens which can cut down on potential problems, a cooking schedule can help shed light on what food needs to go in the oven at what time, too. Nothing is worse than waiting around for hours for the turkey when you meant to have it done earlier!

Check Your Air Filter

Knowing that so many people will be in your home, you want them to be able to…well, breathe easy. Be sure you’re air filter has been changed recently. At minimum, you want to change it out before the 3 month mark you often hear cited. But if you have a baby in the home, a dog, cat, or someone with allergies, you want to change it out even sooner! Ask us for more information specific to your home and system.

Clear Out the Coat Closet

Knowing that you are going to have lots of family (and friends) over, make room in a coat closet or have a separate place in mind for coats and/or purses when your guests arrive. It’s an easy one to check off the list ahead of time that will make things easy once people start arriving (1).

Take Advantage of Your Programmable Thermostat

One way to make sure guests stay cozy and warm: use your programmable thermostat to set a temperature that you want to maintain! Now this may be a little colder than normal due to the number of people in your home.

That way you don’t have to think twice about it (and you don’t have to spend time adjusting it throughout the day.) What’s more is that you know you’ll be optimizing your HVAC system and you know the temperature will feel consistent for your guests.

Be Sure You’ve Ordered Your Turkey Ahead of Time

If turkey is on the menu, then be sure you know where you’re going to get your turkey or pre-order it when possible. That may vary depending on if you are going with frozen, vacuum-packed, or fresh and not vacuum-packed. It can add unnecessary stress to the big day when you’re driving around town looking for your bird!

A Final Walk-Through

The night before, besides looking over your cooking list to see what may need to thaw, have the kids do a walk-through of the house. Have them look for anything that seems to be out of place or anything else that needs fixing before the big day (1).

Let Greater Comfort Help You Cozy Up Your Home (And Not Just for the Holidays)

You’re not alone in the fight for a cozy home this Thanksgiving—we’re here to help you be sure your furnace is working just as it should.

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