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Holiday Lighting Tips to Help You Use Less Power & Save

Lots of shopping, searching for that perfect tree, hot chocolate, baking cookies, spending time with family…the holiday season and the Christmas cheer have arrived!  

Whether you are in charge of decorations at the office, or whether you are the one who breaks out the decorations at home, you can keep the holiday spirit without breaking the bank on your utility bill.

We’re all about helping you reduce your energy consumption, so here are 7 tips to consider to keep your house festive—while helping you keep watch on how much energy and power you are using, too.

Go with LEDs

When possible, choose LED strands. After all, they may cost more than incandescent ones, but the savings you will see on your energy bill will be worth it.

Want to see the math before making the switch?

Here’s just how much you can save with lights that require 90 percent less electricity: Take for example a 50-bulb strand of the LED lights. Say that runs for about 100 hours. During that time, it would consume 5 kilowatt-hours of power versus 35 kilowatt-hours with the regular bulbs. At 12 cents per kilowatt-hour, that’s almost $3.60 per strand off your bill during that time; you can see how the savings can really add up (1).

Worried that the color just won’t be the same? Believe it or not, the LED strands have better color than ever now .There is even “warm white” LED strands that will give you the same look and feel as more traditional strands (1).

Look for rebates

Find and take advantage of rebates where you can. If you buy an ENERGY STAR® qualified holiday light string, you can sometimes find rebates or coupons that can make it worth the investment (2).

Turn the lights off when you’re not around

It’s pretty amazing to see just how many people leave their lights on during the day and even when no one is at the office. Sometimes it may be justified, but at least consider minimizing the time the lights are on when no one is going to be enjoying the lights.

The bonus is that it’s easier than ever to set timers and to operate even the largest of setups and displays. Some even come with that functionality built it, which is easy and simple for you to use. Whether that be indoors or outdoors, be smart about how long and when the lights are running.

Use fiber optic decorations

Fiber optic decorations are almost as energy efficient as you can get! They may not replace everything you want to put up, but they may be used in some situations.

They typically work by using just one light bulb at the base of the unit and that’s what lights the entire tree or decoration. You simply turn it on, and the décor lights up. One and done!

Go for a walk

You may be wondering how this one made the list! If you really want to reduce your energy consumption this year, instead of driving around to see holiday lights and decorations, leave the car at home and go for a walk. You can help burn off those cookies and treats and you can reduce how much gasoline you’re using.

Limit the secondary lighting you’re using

If and when you do have bright lights that are filling up a room, consider turning off your “normal” lights where you can. Sometimes a bright Christmas tree, in combination with other decorations, can light up a room so much you can get away with turning off your regular lights for a few hours. This is just one more way to sneak in a few more hours of saved energy usage (2).

Use energy-free decorations

Just how much lighting do you really need or want in your space? Ornaments, tinsel, bows, wreaths, garlands and even candles can add a lot of the holiday cheer and they don’t require energy usage, either. Many also look just as beautiful during the evening as they do during the day, too (2).

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