Know These HVAC Care Tips

Thinking About a Home Renovation? Know These HVAC Care Tips

Home renovations are exciting. They can also come with a lot of stress.

But what do you need to do in your home to prepare for a home renovation so that you can be sure to protect your HVAC?

Even if you’ve already started a home renovation project, check out this list of steps you can take to make sure your HVAC is protected:

  • Do your best to keep things tidy
  • Keep dust out of the HVAC system
  • Don’t forget your regular HVAC maintenance
  • Change out the air filter
  • Clean up again after the project is over

Do your best to keep things tidy

It may not always be something you can control, but try to keep things as tidy and clean as possible. Keeping things tidy and clean means you can minimize the amount of particles and dust and other debris in your home.

First, minimizing dust (or actively dusting to get rid of dust you can’t avoid) is a great way to maintain your indoor air quality. Remember your system is going to be working hard if there are a lot of added particles and dust in the air, so if you can do your part to get rid of those particles and dust, you’re helping your system to stay efficient.

Keep dust out of the HVAC system

Not only is dust all around the home and in the air a potential issue, but don’t forget how bad dust can be around and near your HVAC system. Whether you have to tell your contractors to clean up or whether you have to do it (or both!), it will be worth it to protect your HVAC system.

Don’t forget your regular HVAC maintenance

Let’s say you’ve moved out of the home for part of the renovation. Or maybe you are lucky enough not to have to move out of the home. Either way, you might have a ton of distractions during the project, but don’t forget about your regular HVAC maintenance. You don’t ever want to skip on your seasonal maintenance, especially when all that work is being done within the home.

Change out the air filter

It’s so easy and simple to do, yet so many people can forget or neglect to do it. Changing out your air filters will allow you to keep the air flowing the system efficiently. It also helps to extend the life of your system because you’re ensuring the system works as it should—efficiently!

You may also want to check the status of your air filter more often than you normally do. All that potential dust and all the potential construction particles in your home will make their way to your air filter. In other words, your air filter may be working harder than normal, and thus it may need to be changed out more often during the renovation.

That’s true even if you aren’t living there! Do your best to put reminders on your calendar and ask us if you have any specific questions on changing out your air filter regularly.

Clean up again after the project is over

Your project is over and you’re thrilled and excited at this point. Don’t forget to now check your HVAC system. You want to be sure no damage has been done during the project. You also want to be sure that any debris has been removed to keep the HVAC working properly. Turn to professionals to be sure your HVAC is working as it should.

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