Love Your HVAC System

Love Your HVAC System: 5 Ways to Protect It This Winter

With love in the air, it’s a good time to celebrate and reflect on all those things we cherish and we’re grateful for.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is meant for us to celebrate the people we love—but we thought we’d extend that to your heating and cooling system, too. After all, it does keep our family safe, comfortable, and healthy throughout the year.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways you can show some “love” to your HVAC this winter season:

1. Don’t ignore a problematic thermostat

Don’t just ignore signs of something wrong with your thermostat. And, when it comes to troubleshooting on your own, what you can first do is check that the batteries are working as they should.

All thermostats are different, and some models don’t actually require batteries. If you have trouble changing or finding out more details about your specific thermostat and its source of power/batteries it requires, let us know.

If you have reason to believe it is a mechanical or operational issue, then call us so we look further into the issue—but definitely don’t ignore any signs that something is off.

2. Change your air filter

Changing your air filter—and doing so regularly—protects your heating and cooling system, and it allows it to last longer, so don’t neglect to change it now. If you’re filter is clean, your HVAC can work optimally; on the other hand, if it’s dirty, it restricts the airflow and it makes your HVAC actually have to work harder.

Not only does it have to “work harder,” but your air filter can restrict the airflow through the return ducts because it’s dirty. That reduced airflow means there’s less pressure across your blower. And, in turn, typically the air pressure can be imbalanced throughout your home as a result. All in all, not changing your air filter regularly means your system will be working inefficiently and ineffectively, and the actual comfort in your home is impacted as a result.

3. Keep Up with Preventative Maintenance

Regular cleaning and preventative maintenance is critical in helping your system operate as it should. If you don’t keep up with preventive maintenance it can result in poorer efficiency, it’s harder on your system, and it also can negatively impact your indoor air quality. Regular maintenance also helps to spot problems earlier, if your system does have any potential problems or inefficiencies. That means you’re helping your system live longer, you’re doing what should be done to keep your system under warranty (in most cases), and you’re also preventing costly repairs that didn’t have to happen. In summary, preventative maintenance is a no-brainer if you truly want to protect and care for your HVAC.

4. Call Your Professional HVAC Technicians If Your System is More Noisy than Normal

Squealing, rattling, clanking, squealing, clicking or “thwapping”—or really any non-typical noise coming from your system— is reason to be concerned. Don’t ignore it and give us a call because it could be a sign of a malfunction. You want to do your best to solve the potential problem before it gets worse!

5. Be Mindful of Snow & Ice Build-Up

Be sure that snow and ice build-up does not become a problem around the HVAC unit. In other words, you don’t want that snow or ice to encapsulate the HVAC unit, since that can freeze the system. Of course, if your system shuts down or is frozen, you won’t be receiving heat in the house.

Prevent build-up around the unit by doing your best to make sure the space around the unit is a clear as possible. Use caution if removing ice from around or on your unit, since you don’t want to cause any damage to the unit, either.

Turn to Greater Comfort for Ongoing HVAC System Maintenance & More

There are so many reasons to love your HVAC: it keeps your home comfortable throughout the year, it improves your indoor air quality, and it also keeps your family safe. With those reasons top of mind, you can see why you want to take care of it, following the steps described here, since a well-maintained HVAC does so much for your family and your home.

If you need help with maintenance, service/repair, or install, know that we’re able to design and deliver heating and cooling solutions that meet your every need. Call our 24/7 team at 859-491-4915 or contact us here.


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