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Can a Furnace Rust in Cincinnati?

Homeowners expect rust and other corrosion to strike boilers, since they circulate water, and heat pumps, since they use condensation as part of their heat exchange. Although neither system should rust (they have built-in precautions), it doesn’t surprise people that it sometimes happens.

But what about a gas furnace? Furnaces do not use water, so it seems impossible that they could rust. But they can and they do. Aside from the presence of moisture in the air, there are a number of factors that contribute to corrosion developing on your furnace. Rust requires repairs to remove it and stop its source; in some cases, you may require a new heating installation in Cincinnati, OH to replace a rusted furnace.

Regardless of what your corroded furnace needs, Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. ® can help you take care of it.

Why does a furnace rust and why is it a problem?

One of the immediate causes of rust is moisture that enters the ducts and into the furnace. But the corrosion that leads to rust doesn’t necessarily need water. It can occur because of the reaction of combustion gases and metal. If a furnace has poor ventilation, the contact between the metal and the gases will increase and speed up the rusting. However, a furnace that is old enough will eventually start to corrode because of long-term exposure.

Because furnaces are usually placed beneath air conditioning units, water dripping from a faulty AC (usually overflow from the condensate pan) can also cause rust to occur. When this happens, you’ll need repair on the AC unit as well as rust-removal to stop the problem.

Rust can cause numerous problems with a furnace, such as clogging up the burner unit so the gas jets will have trouble igniting. The most dangerous problem, however, is when rust affects the heat exchangers. This can cause cracks to develop and exhaust gas to leak—a hazardous situation. This is one of the reasons you should have trained technicians investigate rust on a furnace immediately.

If your furnace is over 20 years old and it begins to rust, it may simply be best to have it replaced with a new unit. Any furnace that manages to make it past two decades has already delivered its owner immense savings.

Professional repairs and installation

Work on a gas furnace should always be left to trained professionals; there is too high a risk of toxic gas exposure and explosions. If you need new heating installation in Cincinnati, OH, you should also rely on experts. Call Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. ®

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