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6 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor Before A New Furnace Install

If your furnace isn’t working as it should, it might be time to consider getting a new furnace.

No one should rush into that decision—and that’s why we’re here to help you better evaluate the situation so you can make a decision that is best for you and your family.

Knowing you never want to make that decision without a thorough analysis of your current furnace and/or what a new furnace may mean for your home, we’ve compiled 6 factors you can explore as you look into a repair or a replacement.
Here are 6 questions to answer if you’re considering a furnace replacement.

1. What’s the anticipated life of the existing furnace?  

Of course, if it’s no longer working, you know the answer to this question. But part of what you are getting at with this question is trying to determine the anticipated life that is left in your furnace so you can see whether a repair or replacement makes sense.

This can be a difficult question because no one can predict the life of a furnace, but you can see when it was made and installed and see how well it has been taken care of over the years.

2. What would the repair look like and how would that impact the furnace in the future?

You may not use these exact words, but what you’re trying to get at is whether or not the repair is a “band aid” approach to a larger problem, or whether or not a repair will be just fine. Put simply, don’t be afraid to ask several questions about any proposed or potential repairs so you really know what that repair entails.

If it’s a major repair and your system is older, it may be time for a more energy efficient, high performing furnace, and talking over this question can simply provide you with more information to make that decision.

3. What size system is going to be best for my home?

You don’t want to be over-sold and you don’t want a system that isn’t as efficient in your home as it ought to be. That’s why you want to hear that size system is right for your home. Does that differ from the current system you own? It would be good to know.

4. How high are your energy bills?

Okay, so this one isn’t one you ask us! This does require a bit of proactive digging on your end, and this question is best when you aren’t forced with the decision, right in front of you.

Since older systems tend to be less efficient, this information can be great to know as your system ages. Ideally, you know this before any repair or issue takes place. The idea is that a newer, more efficient system will help you save on your monthly bill, so it’s worth taking into consideration.

5. Is the system still under warranty for this issue?

Again, this is another question you’d ideally want to know before any issue or potential repair. Assuming you’ve been taking care of your system diligently and appropriately, if your system is both registered and under warranty, you may have the opportunity to have repair costs covered. It’s going to depend the situation, but you can look into your policy. Often times your parts and/or labor won’t be covered, but this information can be good to know as you continue to think about whether or not you’re going to invest in a new furnace.

6. What kind of financing and/or rebates are you offering?

This question helps you know options available to you, and it helps to make sure you take advantage of any offers we have. Don’t be afraid to ask if these aren’t brought to your attention! Your HVAC contractor should want you to save and have flexible options so that you can have the comfort you deserve to have.

When Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

A new, energy efficient furnace saves the average homeowner $372 per year in energy costs. But that number may still not be enough for you to want to replace your furnace, especially if your furnace really doesn’t need to be replaced (1)!

All in all, a new HVAC is a major home investment; in fact. it’s one of the largest and most important investments you make into your home.

When it’s the right time for this kind of investment, you want to be ready and you want to avoid sticker shock. You don’t want to choose a repair route when investing in a new system is the better option.

And, the opposite is true, too; you don’t want to replace your system, when a repair is really all you need. The Greater Comfort team is on your side and is here to give you trusted advice that has your long-term, best interest in mind.

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