Top Winter Home (And Furnace) Myths That Still Persist

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Are you ready for winter? Here are some of the top misconceptions about taking care of your home leading up to, and during, the winter months.

1. Insulated Windows Aren’t That Important.

False! While replacing windows may or may not save you a large amount of money, the idea that insulated windows are not important is untrue. That’s because insulated windows mean that you’re helping to prevent heat from escaping, and you’re also creating a warmer window surface on the inside. If you can work against heat transfer, while combating condensation issues, it’s a win-win for your home.

2. What to Do With Your Heat Pump in Case of a Power Outage.

If the power goes out, typically it is recommended to switch your thermostat to the emergency heat setting. If you have an electric heat pump, special care is needed when you turn your unit on after an extended period of time where the power has been out, in part due to how the lubricant in the refrigerant must warm-up. Although it may vary based on manufacturer, typically you also want the system to run for at least an hour after the power comes back on.

3. Your Home Will Heat Up Faster If You Set the Thermostat Extra High.

Consider how your furnace works: it’s just delivering air at a same rate, not a faster rate depending on how high (or low) that temperature is set to. That means setting your thermostat extra high will not help it heat up any faster if you come home to a cold house and want to warm-up more quickly. This is similar to the myth of setting your AC down to a temperature lower than the desired house temperature to try to get the house to cool down faster—it just does not work that way.

4. You Don’t Have to Winterize Water Lines Each Year.

You already know that water freezes and expands, so you probably value the idea of switching off your air conditioner’s water shut-off valve. You also don’t want to overlook draining the AC hoses and pipes so that any water inside the equipment won’t lead to any problems. Outside hoses must be drained and stored each year.

5. You Can Skip a Year When It Comes to Your Furnace Tune-Up.

Regular maintenance has to be just that: regular. You’ve heard the comparisons to visiting the dentist or changing your oil, but the truth of the matter is you do extend the life of your system, save energy, keep your family as safe as possible, and also reduce health risks by getting your system checked in the fall and in the spring.

Recall how as much as 3 out of 4 service calls in the fall and winter months because of no heat are tied back to a lack of system maintenance. That’s just one more reason to schedule an appointment with us today.

6. You Conserve Energy (or Save Money) When You Turn Off Your Heat During the Day.

Many of us are looking to maximize efficiency and save money where we can—but you don’t conserve energy when you turn off the heat in your home during the day while you are away. Turning off the heat and then letting the temperature drop is not only something that can be hard on your system, but it’s extra risky when you live in a place that has a high risk of frozen water pipes.

Said another way, letting the temperature drop by turning off your heat completely won’t save you the money you intended to save and it can increase your risk in damage due to water pipes bursting. Instead, simply use your programmable thermostat to drop in the day when you are away (rather than shut it off entirely), but then to rise again when you are back home.

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