Prepare Your Home for Winter with Fall Maintenance

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Fall is officially here: bring on the football, pumpkin, and also bring on the preparation for winter!

Looking for confirmation of the benefits of preventative maintenance?

Think of it this way: any heating system is more likely to break or break down when it is working the hardest—which generally means when you need it most.

Winterize Your Home—Starting Now

Here’s what to do to prepare your home for winter, which can help protect the investments you’ve made in your heating and cooling system as well as keep your utility bills as low as possible.

1. Have Greater Comfort Perform Your Heating Tune-Up

You want to be sure that your furnace or heat pump is operating efficiently. You also want to make sure it’s clean and in good repair, and nothing is unsafe for your family or business. Have peace of mind when you make a quick call now that will help prevent any kind of repairs when the frigid days of winter are here!

2. Reverse Any Ceiling Fans

Do your ceiling fans have a reverse switch? If so, take advantage in rooms with high ceilings once you turn on the heat. When you turn the fan’s blades in a clockwise direction you can help create an updraft and “push down” heated air from the top of a room towards the rest of the room.

3. Consider Insulating Your Home for Winter, Including Insulated Windows

Worried about higher heating bills? If you’re home is insulated as it should be, you can keep the warm air inside, where it’s meant to be! Just how much can you save thanks to good insulation? The US Department of Energy says that on average, you will save up to 20 percent on your home’s heating and cooling costs by adding insulation to your attics, floors, and crawl spaces. (Source: Energy Star.) There are many kinds of insulation, all of which have their benefits.

When you have insulated windows, you prevent heat from escaping and you also create a warm window surface inside—two important factors in late fall and in the winter. Insulated windows should help you resist heat transfer and work to reduce any issues with condensation.

4. Don’t Forget Your Water Lines

We don’t have to tell you what happens when water freezes and expands, but sometimes—while we may remember to turn of the lawn/irrigation system—we can forget to turn off the AC’s water shut-off valve, when appicable. When your system has one, you want us to drain the hoses and pipes to be sure that no water remains.

“Do I really need to do a fall tune-up?”

If you’ve ever wondered if you really do need your heating maintenance each fall, the answer is yes! Just like with changing the oil in your car, it’s proven to be preventative maintenance that you just need to do.

Winterization takes place inside and outside the home. It only takes minimal effort to be sure that you’ve done your fall tune-up and to make sure you’ve fixed any insulation issues that you have before the frigid temperatures hit. Learn about our maintenance program and call Greater Comfort today.


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