3 Must-Know Tips to Keep Your Home Healthy This Fall & Winter

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From getting better sleep to dealing with the winter cold, here are 3 of the top tips to keep your home as healthy as possible this autumn and winter.

Consider a humidifier for better air quality & greater comfort

Many of us are more aware of the benefits of a dehumidifier in the home, working to help us avoid too much humidity that can have a negative effect on our health. But are you aware that during the fall and winter, many homes could benefit from a humidifier?

If you feel you have abnormally dry skin, a scratchy throat, or you’ve noticed itchy eyes, these are just a few of the signs the air in your home may be too dry.

From poor ability to heat the home to making the cold and flu linger longer than necessary, getting a humidifier can help the problem. Humidifers can provide an effective, efficient and sustainable solution that can work to add vapor back into the air throughout your home. Ask us for more information about the solution that can is optimal for you and your family.

Cool down the temperature at night for better sleep

Many of us take advantage of our programmable thermostats in the summer or possibly when we go away on vacation. But did you realize you can simply set your thermostat for a lower bedtime temperature, and this small change can actually help improve your sleep?

While it’s different for everyone, having the thermostat turned down at night can help many people actually get a higher quality of sleep…and better sleep means better health!

But just how cold should you set your temperature at night to find optimal sleep but also comfort? According to Time Magazine, having a lower core temperatures help tell the body its time to sleep. Researchers cited found evidence that the ideal temperature at night is around 65 degrees.

Get your furnace tune-up now so you can be comfortable later

Many of us in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are well aware that winters here can be harsh (and sometimes much more mild). Either way, from fall to wintertime, we can really grow to appreciate the heat from a gas furnace when it’s cold outside. An energy-efficient furnace not only keeps your costs low, but it also keeps your family warm and taken care of.

Consider these other benefits of your advanced, efficient furnace:

  • Greater temperature control throughout all areas of your home
  • Consistent air flow means you don’t have to worry about your ideal temperature being maintained
  • Gentle flow air—even when temperatures change rapidly, you won’t experience those rushes of cold air
  • Quiet operation so your family can focus on spending time with each other during the winter months without any distraction

Want to learn more about the trusted, affordable brands we offer? Give us a call today at (859) 491-4915 whether it is for your fall maintenance or if you are looking for furnace repair or  installation options before the temperature drops for good.



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