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New Year, New Smart HVAC Tools

Although 2020 may not have turned out as we had anticipated it would, it did bring improvements in terms of smart devices and technology.

What better way to ring in the new year than to “smart-ify” your home or office space? Knowing that HVAC technology and “smart” innovation is helping to meet the demand for more energy-efficient, precise and automated solutions, we’re breaking down some smart gadgets and then taking a closer look at smart HVAC technology specifically.

What’s a “Smart” Gadget, Anyway?

As smart tools have surfaced in the past few years, they’ve become incredibly popular. You may be familiar with smart gadgets and understand that “smart” means there is a technological component to the device.

Smart tools are electronic devices that can interact with other devices or networks. This connection is typically enabled through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which are networks that allow us to wirelessly connect different devices (1, 2, 3).

For instance, we can connect our smart phones to a lighting system and control the lights in our home or office directly from our phones.

Here are some smart tools that you won’t want to miss this season (hint: there are smart HVAC devices involved!)

Smart Security Cameras and Video Doorbells

Keep your home or office space safe this year with a smart security camera. Through an accompanied app, smart cams allow you to monitor video footage of any guests who approach your front door in real time. Additionally, they’ll provide alerts upon detection of any motion within a generous radius of the camera.

Smart security cams also provide users with the ability for two-way interaction with guests in real time. This way, you’re able to utilize voice tech through the device to verbally speak to guests (4).

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Smart Lights

Ever been too lazy to get up and turn the lights off? Problem solved.

With the emergence of smart light switches and smart light bulbs, users have the ability to control their lights directly from their phone. Most kits have features that include dimming control, power control, automatic scheduling, and timers to turn on and off lights.

Where to buy: Amazon, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Lowe’s

Smart Wi-Fi Plugs 

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, smart plugs allow you to create schedules to control electronics and other smart appliances directly from your phone. This way, you have the ability to automatically power on or off devices if you’re away or if they’re not being used.

Smart Wi-Fi plugs plug directly into an outlet and can connect to any of your smart devices or appliances. The app that accompanies the smart plug allows you to bundle all of your smart devices on one platform and customize schedules based on your own routine and preferences. In turn, you’ll avoid running power hungry devices unnecessarily (3).

Control your smart lights, monitors, TVs, and more from anywhere. Hello energy savings!

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Last but Certainly Not Least: Smart HVAC Tools & Technology

Smart technology allows for more control over heating and cooling, too. Some of this technology may not be brand new, but as the technology advances, it is allowing for more accurate, real-time, and precise control.

Predictive Maintenance

What would be better than maintenance that happens exactly when it’s truly needed? Predictive maintenance uses IoT and AI to make sure maintenance is happening at the ideal time and right when needed. If there’s a problem, that means you’ll know about it more quickly than ever (6).

Training that Uses Virtual Reality

Training for HVAC professionals has come a long way, but in the future, it may even be able to include virtual reality. Professionals will be able to develop their skills in whole news ways thanks to training that can show relevant and real use cases. That kind of view would be great to teach professionals more about real-world scenarios, too, so stay tuned for training that involves virtual reality technology (6).

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensors

These sensors allow you to remotely check the temperature and humidity of your home or office space directly from your phone from anywhere. With data that’s always up to date, you’re able to track patterns and identify any irregularities, gain peace of mind that your pets are safe and comfortable while you’re away, and, perhaps mostly importantly, ensure that your HVAC systems are working efficiently.

Smart Outdoor Air Temperature & Air Quality Sensors

Did you know that poor air quality outdoors can dramatically impact the air quality inside your home or office building? With smart air temp and quality monitors, you can track critical air pollutants directly from your phone while sensors will let you know if the air conditions are susceptible for mold or other harmful conditions.

Even Smarter Thermostats

Perhaps one of the neatest HVAC smart tools, smart thermostats offer an array of different features through an integrated app. A few to note:

  • 4-day local weather forecasting
  • In-depth energy usage reports
  • Customizable scheduling settings
  • Vacation and sleep/wake programming
  • Reminders and alerts for service or filter changes
  • Remote, real-time control from anywhere

Smart thermostats aggregate data about your energy use patterns and local weather patterns to customize efficient but adjustable programming settings for your home or office (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Being able to remotely control and adapt the temperature of your home allows you to run your heating and cooling systems in the most efficient way possible, and thus, save money in the long run.

Greater Comfort: Top-Rated, Local HVAC Pros

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