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3 Technologies People Are Seeking Out for Improved Energy Use

3 Technologies Homeowners Are Seeking Out for Improved Energy Use

More and more, consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of their home HVAC systems.

In part, that’s recently partially because of the pandemic, but this increase in awareness has slowly been happening for years as families have become more educated on all the benefits of efficient HVAC systems within the home.

With many people exploring solutions in energy management solutions, we decided to cover 3 of those options available to homeowners today:

1. High-End Heating and Cooling Systems

According to the NEWS, a publication that has been providing resources to the HVACR industry  since 1926, one of those offerings people are increasingly turning to right now is high-end heating and cooling systems (1).

The reason is energy efficiency, yes, but it’s also the increased comfort, less noise, increased connectivity, and reliability—as well as the long list of health benefits that can be tied back to a better-performing HVAC. The goal for homeowners who choose high-end heating and cooling systems is to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort throughout each space and area of the home (1).

With more time spent in the home than ever right now, homeowners are also satisfied with how high-end heating and cooling systems work to bring fresh and pure air indoors (1).

If that sounds like you, be sure to look consider:

  • A system that’s sized right for your home
  • A system that connects with smart thermostats
  • A system that is high-powered but still quiet
  • The potential of heat pump solutions, if it’s a fit for your space and situation

2. Home Automation

Another option that more people are looking into is smart products, most notably intelligent thermostats (1). Intelligent thermostats can help improve energy management and comfort, and with more time being spent indoors, more and more families are looking to invest in this area.

The obvious benefit of smart thermostats is greater control, but what many might not realize is that people are making the decision to “go smart” because it’s also just much simpler for them to manage. When you can get a combination of efficient and seamless, it’s seen as a real win-win (1).

If you’re thinking of investing in smart thermostats, be sure to consider:

  • A thermostat that has high interoperability with other smart products
  • A thermostat with a warrantee or some kind of service standard
  • A thermostat that will simplify energy management, not complicate it—after all, it’s not useful if you don’t know how to use it properly

3. Zoning Systems

In the latest issue of the NEWS, the authors bring up a great analogy shared with them about zoning: just think of how you have light switches in every room of your house. If you had a control that only turned those on or off—for the entire house—you can see how there would be some waste and mismanagement of energy. The resulting electric bill would reflect that (1).

That’s a great analogy for the idea of zoning. Once again, because families are spending more time in their homes, the idea of zoning is getting more attention because of the comfort it delivers, and how it really results in a better use of the energy within a home (1).

Not only this, people are seeing other specific benefits to zoning­—even things like better sleep thanks to the ability to hone in on the ideal temperature for sleep in a home’s various bedrooms (1).

If you’re thinking of putting in zoning, be sure to consider:

  • A thorough analysis of your current HVAC system and implications on it and the house for retrofitting
  • How airflow throughout the home will be effected
  • Whether your house is one story or two—and the resulting design that will ensure targeting heating and cooling will happen, as anticipated

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