what to know about your hvac as you go on vacation

Going On Vacation? Here Are the Top Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Home

Are you taking a vacation this summer?

Vacation is a great time to relax and unwind. And how much better would it be if you came back to a smaller electric bill that month? Add these quick and easy energy-saving tips to your packing and prep list to save a little money while you are away!

Adjust your heating and cooling system.

If everyone will be out of your home, there is no need to keep the heater or air conditioner running – at least not much!

In summer months, you could set the air conditioner a few degrees higher – or even as high as 90 degrees – OR consider turning it off completely, unless you are leaving pets in the house. If pets are staying, it is important you don’t create an uncomfortable or dangerous environment for them!

During the winter, you shouldn’t turn the heater completely off. However, you could set the thermostat much lower than you would while you are at home: Lowering the control to around 50 degrees will save energy, but keep the house warm enough to keep appliances and pipes from freezing.

How much will you save? Glad you asked!

Approximately 2-3 percent of your electricity bill for EVERY degree a thermostat is raised during the summer, which can really add up.

Hint: Do you have a programmable thermostat? Set the temperature to return to your favorite temperature for the date you arrive home. You will walk into the comfortably conditioned abode you are accustomed to!

Don’t forget the electronics, appliances and chargers.

Get unplugged! Even with major appliances turned to the “off” position, there are many ways electricity is being used. These appliances – which can really be “energy vampires” – still drain energy while plugged in. Check out these ideas for items that can be unplugged while no one is in the home, because no one will be around to use them:

  • Televisions
  • Lamps
  • Coffee makers
  • Digital clocks
  • Cell phone chargers
  • Microwave
  • DVD players
  • Computer speakers
  • Printers
  • Video game consoles
  • Cable box

Bonus: You are not only saving energy and money by unplugging these items; you are eliminating the risk of a possible fire hazard if there were to be a fire surge while you are away. If you have any questions on how to handle specific electronics, try looking at the guide that came with it, when possible.

Close your blinds and curtains.

“Close up” the house by lowering all your blinds and shutting all your available curtains while you are away. This will keep heat OUT in the summer, and keep it IN during the winter. This will slow the rising and lowering of the internal temperature, helping maintain a steadier climate inside the house, and reduce the need for your heating or air cooling systems to work. It’s really one of the easiest things we can do while we are away.

An added benefit: Increased security from would-be thieves looking in your windows while you are away.

Have You Gotten Your Cooling System Check-Up Yet?

The heat is here! Make sure your system is performing as efficiently and effectively as possible in the coming weeks: if you haven’t already, call us at 859-491-4915 to to get your AC tune-up scheduled! Regular maintenance helps ensure your system can handle the heat.

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