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Smart Tips to Keep Your Home Comfortable and Safe for the Holidays

Of course you want peace of mind during the holidays so follow these tips to keep your home comfortable and safe, whether you are staying at home or leaving for the holidays this year.

These smart tips to keep your home comfortable and safe include:

  • Make sure any flammable objects are kept in safe places
  • Take advantage of that oven time
  • Get your tune-up if you haven’t already
  • Re-consider the house key
  • Adjust the thermostat
    Don’t turn the heat off
  • Don’t ignore unusual sounds coming from your system
  • Consider motion sensors
  • Keep the windows and doors locked
  • …And don’t forget to keep your garage locked, too
  • Give your lights a second look

Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps.

Make sure any flammable objects are kept in safe places

Have you moved presents to the basement to the store them? Or maybe you have items that are normally in the garage, and you’ve moved them to another part of the house.

The point is: Maybe you are storing gifts or something out-of-the-ordinary in places you don’t normally store those things. But be careful and make sure any flammable materials or objects are stored in places where they pose no risk.

Take advantage of that oven time

If you’re spending tons of time in the kitchen baking for guests (or just for family), you can probably set your programmable thermostat lower than you would have otherwise. By no means are we saying you should ever use your oven to heat your home, but be smart about the days you are baking all day so that you can be comfortable and don’t over-heat. A little planning and tweaking of the thermostat goes a long way.

Get your furnace tune-up if you haven’t already

Remember that your tune-up ensures your system is working as it should. It also can catch small issues before they become large, major issues. You want your home to be comfortable and safe for your family, so your check-up helps to make sure this is possible. If you haven’t done your seasonal tune-up yet, call right away so you can get maintenance in before the rush and chaos that will come with the holidays.

Re-consider the stored, extra house key you hide outside

If you’ve had a house key that you leave “hidden” outside—perhaps for neighbors or for your children to use in times of emergency—re-consider it, especially if you are the one leaving town for the holidays. Unfortunately, thieves have become more savvy to this idea and they can look at homes and try to find these keys in order to enter the house. If you have the ability to make the change, consider a keypad instead which can be more safe than the hidden key.

Adjust the thermostat

If you are having people over, you can turn down the programmable thermostat since more people in your home will naturally create a warmer environment. Make a sticky note or put a reminder in your calendar so you don’t forget to make the quick and simple change.

If you are leaving town, some programmable thermostats even come with a super handy vacation mode, or similar.

Don’t turn the heat off

Most people don’t need to hear this, but if you are leaving town, don’t turn off the heat. Yes, you can reduce the temperature in your home but you want the heat to remain on so you don’t have pipes burst or other related problems in the home.

Don’t ignore unusual sounds coming from your system

One of the best ways to make sure your home stays comfortable but also safe is to be more aware of how your HVAC system is operating.  Do you know what’s “normal” and what isn’t? Don’t ignore anything out of the norm, for example. Squealing, rattling, clanking, squealing, clicking or “thwapping”—or really any non-typical noise coming from your system— is reason to pay attention, and may warrant giving us a call.

Consider motion sensors

Depending on what time of day people are coming over, you might consider upgrades to your home like motion sensors. These are a simple and relatively low-cost way to add some visibility for guests or even your own family when outside at night.

Motion sensors can also be great if you have a yard where you let your pet out in the early morning hours or at night. In general, motion sensors can also help intruders stay away, too, which is another common reason homeowners install them.

Keep the windows and doors locked

You may tend to leave windows or doors unlocked or maybe you have that one door where you let the dog out, so you sometimes forget to lock it. Become more diligent about locking all windows and doors in the home, especially this time of year.

…And don’t forget to keep your garage locked, too

Again, even if you aren’t leaving for multiple days this holiday season, intruders can come into your home in a matter of minutes. People might lock their doors or their windows, but they can forget about their garage or even the door to the house that’s accessed through the garage. To keep your family and house safe, don’t forget about the garage and don’t give out your access code to anyone. If you were forced to give the access code out, be sure to change it immediately.

Give your lights a second look

Now is a good time to be sure no string lights are frayed and that no other lighting or lamps are damaged in the home. If there are signs of damage, don’t delay on repairing or replacing. Whether you are having people or you’re leaving town, those lights can pose a risk and can lead to an electrical fire. Consider using a smart timer or smart outlet to always ensure the holiday lights are off when you leave or when you go to bed.

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