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prepare your furnace for the holidays

Prepare Your Furnace & Home for the Holidays

Once Halloween is behind us, most of us start to think about the winter holiday season. That means pumpkin pie, cranberries, stuffing, and turkey are all only a few weeks away—and then after that we have all the Christmas holiday treats and sweets to look forward to, as well.

So what might you do around the house—and in particular what to do with the furnace—to be ready for the holiday season? Here is a list that can help with just that.

Examine the ductwork

You want to have proper airflow throughout the home. If you suspect there could be a ductwork issue, make sure you get it inspected by a professional so you can ensure there are no leaks or issues. After all, a leak or problem with your ductwork may mean your furnace will run longer or harder (or even the opposite) than it really needs to.

Start using your programmable thermostat (or make sure you are using it correctly)

Using a programmable thermostat is one of the top ways you can be sure your home is heated and comfortable, plus it can help to make sure you’re not abusing the furnace. It also allows you to stay comfortable while also allowing you to save on your bill at the same time. So many people have a programmable thermostat but don’t take advantage of the settings that can save you hundreds of dollars—plus you may not even be able to tell the difference. Ask us if you have questions on using your thermostat.

Schedule your seasonal tune-up

One of the best ways you can protect your furnace is to get your tune-up right now, if you haven’t already. Your seasonal maintenance is going to ensure your system is working as it should. That means you’ll extend the life of your system and you’ll be taking the steps to make sure it’s working as efficiently as possible…not to mention you’ll do what you need to do, maintenance-wise, to keep up with the warrantee, too.

Need another reason for your seasonal HVAC maintenance? You might be having guests over this time of year, so keep up with your maintenance to keep them as comfortable as possible in the home as well.

Start dusting

Dust is actually one of the things that takes away from our indoor air quality. Your HVAC is already working to actively get rid of dust (and other air particles), but you can also do your part to improve air quality, too. Start by regularly dusting around the home. The more you dust, the less the dust will add up in the home; in other words, if you help to eliminate some of the dust, you can help your entire house have better air quality. Plus, it’s just cleaner!

Be sure to change out your air filters

We talk about air filters so often because they don’t always get the attention they deserve. Filters prevent all sorts of particles and debris from building up in the furnace. They play a pivotal role in your furnace’s ability to work as intended.

If you don’t change out your air filter on time, the furnace has to work much, much harder as it pulls the air through the densely packed filter. Keep your furnace working efficiently this holiday and go make sure your air filter is clean if you haven’t already!

Stay aware of your ventilation

Make sure nothing is blocking the vents in your home. The vents were likely placed in certain locations so that they did what they are intended to do! So if you’re accidentally blocking one or more vents, you can be messing with the airflow in the home. Long story short, make sure your vents are open and not blocked, unless you have a reason otherwise to shut them.

Turn down the thermostat for your gathering

Are you the one hosting Thanksgiving? If you’re going to be running the oven all day and/or having tons of people in your house, it probably makes sense to turn the thermostat down a few degrees.

That way, the cooking appliances and the extra body heat in your home don’t start to make people extra hot. Said another way, thanks to your oven and all your guests, you can get away with a little less demand on your furnace.

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